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I Never Missed Anyone Until They Were All Gone

by Cosr - Competition Entry

Here is my game. It is called I Never Missed Anyone Until The Were All Gone. It is not finished. But it is playable. There's not much to do though and it is very unpolished. And there's probably some glitches in there.

The game was made with C++ and uses the SDL, SDL_image and SDL_gfx libraries. The art was done by hand in pencil and was cleaned up in GIMP.

My idea was far too ambitious for one weekend, though I did manage to get a lot of the core game logic finished. Drawing my graphics by hand took far too long.

I plan to continue working on this in the future.

EDIT: Added direct link to source code.

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Comments (archive)

dertom says ...

I like the art-style! Actually I walked around all the times but couldnt find any branch....

recursor says ...

I don't see any gameplay, but dude - the art style is awesome! Love the art! Can't wait to see what else you do with this.

C418 says ...

Do the moonwalk! Dun dun dun... uh, I think this could have been an interesting game. As there is not much to play, I can't really tell.

localcoder says ...

This looks fantastic. I explored everywhere that I could, taking in all the detail in the backgrounds. The character's animation looks great too. Please don't give up on this.

SonnyBone says ...

This is an interesting start.

gimblll says ...

Didn't really figure out what to do, maybe there wasn't anything since its unfinished. Nice idea for an art style, keep working on it!

sinoth says ...

A great start! I hope you continue working with this engine :D

cptalbertwesker says ...

I liked the art style, should have gone with something a little simpler, then you might have managed to get something finished, however the artstyle alone as well as the path system you have going is very nice

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