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Dark Fire

by Stalker_23b - Competition Entry

You own a space ship and decide to enter nearby asteroid field to explore it! You have prepared planetary landing module to land on asteroids and search for resources to upgrade you ship. What you will find? Rich mineral asteroids? Or space pirates?

Game can crash on ATI cards, sadly.

Tools used:
-Delphi 2007
-3ds Max 2008
-Photoshop CS3

-My own STLEngine2
-FMod, free for non-commercial use

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

Sadly, I cannot play this game.
I get this error immediately after loading:

ODE Internal Error
Stepsize must be > 0

Devlin says ...

crashed on startup.

C418 says ...

Hard game!

AtkinsSJ says ...

Very nice. :D I didn't get that far as I'm a bit rubbish, but it's interesting having to land on planets then gather minerals.

For people having trouble with the error: An easier way is to go into 'config.ini' and change the ',' in the numbers to '.' rather than having to adjust your system settings. :)

Covenant says ...

Same as SonnyBone and pythong... :(

philomory says ...

Frankly this game looks like it could be really awesome. And I was able to get it to play, by editing the ini file. But, even during play, I was unable to accomplish anything at all; my ship is always destroyed by enemy fire within 20-40 seconds of starting the game, and the rate of fire is far to slow to be able to defend myself. This may be partly due to the fact that the game can only run at ~15fps on this machine, but even so I'd generally recommend, in a game of this genre, allowing the player to explore a little before springing full-consequences combat on them.

I can see where this was going, and I thoroughly approve, but as the game is now it's too difficult to play, both from a technical and a gameplay perspective.

Sos says ...

Nice graphics and smooth, but crashes everynow and then :(

pythong says ...

If you get this

"ODE Internal Error
Stepsize must be > 0"

Change system decimal separator to ","

Hempuli says ...

Crashes :(

Codexus says ...

Made it work with your work around (how did you manage to make a game that depends on the system decimal separator?)

Now this is a really impressive entry by its scope alone.

It's a bit overwhelming at first but after a few tries I managed to get to the rover part but my rover always landed on its back and then the pirates came back and I died! lol

Well, I'd say it lacks some polishing and a gentler learning curve but it's quite an accomplishment!

dock says ...

Unfortunately I got the ODE error on my Intel laptop graphics card. Great work with the graphics though! :)

5parrowhawk says ...

Couldn't download it as of 2nd January. Please host somewhere other than mediafire? It looks really impressive.

SpaceManiac says ...

Fun but (extremely) difficult, thanks to PoV's work I had no crash problems.

TeamQuiggan says ...

I really enjoyed this! Though the hit detection starts to fail when too many pirates are around.

Wiering says ...

Very nice graphics, but way too hard. My ship gets destroyed before I can do anything.

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