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What is It

by willx - Competition Entry

sorry for late entry there was a glitch in the engine and i had to rewrite part of it
-the game is named after the character
-note unfinished
-source's password is ludumdare
made with gamemaker 7,anvil studio,sfxr

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Comments (archive)

KungPhoo says ...

Very nice game. Really is a lot of fun. The flickering graphics on my LCD are a pain, though.

Zecks says ...


scellers says ...

Agree, the flickering definitely detracts from the experience. It might also be nice to mention what the controls are on the title screen: it took me a while to figure out that x is select.

C418 says ...

Oh god. This game flickers like crazy. Playing two songs at the same time maybe wasn't such a good idea. What else to say... well, it's just a platformer. Nothing special. The music is okay.

Maple says ...

lol, it didn't flicker too bad :3 the engine worked ok, too. and that thingy looks like byrd with no wings O_o

hubol says ...

There seem to be a lot of issues with touching anything in this game. You also don't explain a whole lot. The graphics aren't too well-made. Also, I couldn't tell if the music was intended to be bad or not. The dotted background gets rather annoying when trying to read your stats.

dertom says ...

Hehe,...nice one! Keep on rocking!

SonnyBone says ...

I had an issue with prompts popping up everywhere telling me how things worked. It kind of breaks up the flow when you're trying to avoid falling in a pit of spikes if the game pauses to tell you that spikes will kill you. :)

I'd also like to know what in the hell the player character was supposed to be.


Hempuli says ...

Oh, the flicker! ;_; waters my eyes.

The engine was very clumsy; but good effort for your first LD! :)

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