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Phish world

by grayger - Competition Entry

-- LD16--
This is my game for LD contest.
Good luck to all.


How to execute:

- click phishworld.exe

python required
dependencies: pyglet, numpy, pybox2d
> python

How to play:
Use Arrow key to move or attach.
No other keys used.

Grayger (

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

I have no idea what I was killing, but I bygod killed it.

jplur says ...

I liked the turrets that slingshot the bullet.
Kind of a strange game, and wierd to have a melee attack for this type of game. Very original though.

TenjouUtena says ...

Ramming things to attack them was kind of annoying. Other than that, a passible little side scrolling shooter.

Sos says ...

Melee shmup, why not? :)

Hempuli says ...

The game didn't work; crashed on startup. :(

5parrowhawk says ...

I have a soft spot for melee "shooters" - actually made one before - so this is interesting. Main thing is that the physics are difficult to handle. If I were to make a ramming game like this, I'd probably go with an Asteroids-style control system instead (left and right steer the ship, up accelerates, down brakes). Also, why do the bullets follow you for such an incredibly long time?!

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