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Oblivious -the darkness within-

by killdream - Competition Entry

A "maze crawler" game. You have to explore a maze and find your way out before your torch runs out. There's no set goals actually, levels will only increase in difficult (I hope, hadn't time to test) until you die.

So, in the end, you die :D

The game shall work on all standard browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari), I dunno about M$ IEerie, since I haven't tested in it, but since I used only standard CSS and so, even if it works, IEerie will render things incorrectly.

The game was made in javascript using Prototype, Scriptaculous and my Lily library (which is MIT licenced, though I haven't realeased it yet). My library is included in the source, if you want to check it out (Prototype and Scriptaculous aren't, btw)

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Comments (archive)

Covenant says ...

I like maze games... it's very cool, although the movement could use work (the one press-one move system kind of gets on my nerve, would rather just press and continuously move)...

Sos says ...

The light pathfinding thingy is great. Oh, it's a torch :P Nevrethesless the effect looks great.

philomory says ...

Ok, I rather like the idea here, and the visuals are very, very nice, for all their simplicity. I really liked the way the light flowed around the corners. One thing that would have improved the gameplay somewhat, I feel, is if you had used a non-strict maze generation algorithm, i.e. allowed for loops.

dertom says ...

very good game...simple but fun and fits perfect the theme...good work

matrin says ...

The game looks awesome, but the gameplay gets boring fast.

SonnyBone says ...

The lighting of the paths and the KEEPING of the found paths is great. The game needs MORE to it, that's for sure... but what you have here is very solid.

Hempuli says ...

The shadows were a nice bonus! I wish there was some more action in though...

increpare says ...

the lighting works great.

a little repetitive though : )

arzi says ...

Hah, the first sentence of the description would fit my game perfectly too :D

Nice game, I like the touch effect too, although it could benefit from clearer goals.

sinoth says ...

I love being able to 'feel' out maze paths before actually getting to them. Very neat mechanic. I really don't enjoy mazes enough for that to keep me interested, though. Given a little more meat, this could be a dangerously addictive entry.

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