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Needlesoft Haystack Explorer

by Sos - Competition Entry

Explore exactly 100,000 straws of a haystack to find a needle that makes it wither.

Become worlds best haystack explorer!!!

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Comments (archive)

Laksen says ...

Innovative, and nice music! Smooth gameplay

C418 says ...

That was interesting. It confused me at first that you are not able to press space and click at the needle. Lovely visuals.

jplur says ...

I thought finding a needle in a haystack was supposed to be hard?

Maybe change the color of the needle to silver, blue really stands out. Really liked it though.

scellers says ...

Hehehe, really cool idea. :) I wish there were multiple levels though.

Wiering says ...

Nice music!

SonnyBone says ...


At least the needle is always right near the surface...
Nice interpretation of the theme.

bentosmile says ...

Oh no :( I get an "Application failed to initialise properly (0xc0150002)" error. Sad! :( I so wanted to play.

Edit: Got it working XD my bad, sorry!

dock says ...

This was pretty interesting! I had some difficulty clicking on the needle (I had to climb above it and view it from the top). The music was fantastic though, and it's good to see an interesting 3D game like this for LD.

Hempuli says ...

Indeed the game should be harder! Strangely addicting, and it's fun to watch the haystack turn green!

sinoth says ...

Would be cool if you could dive into the stack to look for it, or move around clumps. Still, a good solid game (although clicking on the needle is difficult, I had to maneuver quite a bit to click it). Clouds are awesome, as is music.

Atomic says ...

I like the concept but it's far too easy and clicking the needle doesn't always work.

ippa says ...

haha...odd idea :) +1 for innovation. Nice music too. And the paper-clouds hanging in ropes was a nice playful touch :)

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