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This is Infinity

by cactus - Competition Entry


Warning: Flashing lights and colors!!

Explore the unexplored.

Controls: WASD + Mouse

Game by cactus
Music and Sound by Benjamin Soderstrom

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Comments (archive)

ronsho says ...

I love it.

AtkinsSJ says ...

Now everything looks like it's flickering..

dertom says ...

Yeah... psychedelic dream :D

SonnyBone says ...

Wow. That was rad. Pictures don't do this justice. The sound works perfectly with the visuals, but I'm not sure if they actually count.

Also: CAT

Molten_ says ...

Damn, the visuals are crazzzzy.

agj says ...

Wow, what a trip. Only managed to complete one of the 'levels' (the one with the light and dark things floating around).

And yes, the cat was great.

Risko says ...

there will never be enough strange games in this weird world. And i like the audio part, even though i didn't rate it.

C418 says ...

Okay, audio not allowed here, but it does work with the game.
But I couldn't play it for long. The visuals were too anoying. I guess you wanted to achieve that, so well done.

Hempuli says ...

I couldn't seem to be able to move or do anything; tried clicking the game area several times and pressing all buttons on my keyboard - no use.

Sos says ...

You should bundle it with a seizure awareness discaimer :P

DrPetter says ...

I'm a little bit impressed by the human visual system after playing this and actually beating that 3D maze level.

gimblll says ...

The brain damage inducing flashing gfx make this unplayable for me. And like others have said, audio should be really done by yourself.

dock says ...

Very strange visual style! Nice work! :)

Undead3 says ...

Fascinating game!
The first time, at night, I couldn't bear the graphics. The second time, it was a day and I took the time not to move: I perceived everything, including the starting place, and even while moving it was possible to perceive enough to explore.
I have solved all the levels except the circle (I had to check the hints). There is probably a bug in the circle level: after some unsuccessful tries, repetitive errors appear in a window until the game is closed.

increpare says ...

Tried this again.

Got into it.

Excellent. Loved it.

You play some good tricks in this game : )

sf17k says ...

holy balls dude.

(also, I get error in circle level)

cptalbertwesker says ...

Seemed very demoscene to me, nice visual and audio elements all mixing very well together!

hazman says ...


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