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Rex's Junk Hunt

by Catmoo - Competition Entry

If you hold down the right mouse button and drag it moves the screen, please make sure to do this, the level is larger than the screen.

Rex wants you to find some of the junk in his living room, help him find it!

The game was made in Game Maker v.7

The gameplay is based apon seek n' solve games, similar to the recent Mystery Case Files (DS) and Interpol (Xbox 360), my main influence however was from Where's Wally and the Usbourne adventure books I read as a child.

Of course though due to lack of time I couldn't populate the level as much as I wanted, I am working on a version 2 however which will hopefully communicate what I wanted my game to be like.

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Comments (archive)

philomory says ...

This game is adorable. I especially liked the 'rawr' sound effect. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot too the gameplay and some of the objects seemed to be impossible to find. But it's a good start.

dertom says ...

Hehe,...nice nice! Let's explore the own living room :D" Actually it is nice for little kids I will show that my sister's kids and for sure they will like it...good job

SonnyBone says ...


Rex sure does like to request pictures of himself often...

recursor says ...

Good idea and nice graphics. I do wish that the objects to find wouldn't repeat themselves at least until they have all been found once. I'm sure the time constraint had a lot to do with that. Anyways, nicely done.

nitram_cero says ...

The "rooarr" sounds with the inocent child song playing are pretty funny :)
It's kind of a children game, not my cup of tea.
It would be nice to have some sort of challenge, like having to move some objects around to find others hidden behind.


C418 says ...

I think it's a good childs game. Although I wouldn't want to punish a kid to only play this all day. Not much to do.

localcoder says ...

Rex is cool :) I actually smiled at the noises.

I didn't like the popup box after finding each item - I think it breaks the flow. (I'd prefer it if Rex said 'Great!' and got straight on to the next item.)

I also didn't like being asked to find the same object more than once - it took away my feeling of making progress. I would rather be asked to find several different items and then be given a reward (like a thank you screen).

It was sweet that the game thanked me when I finished, though.

Hempuli says ...

The sound effects were rather hilarious x)

sfernald says ...

Cute game! I bet small kids would enjoy this quite a bit.

Entar says ...

OK little game, but it ought to eliminate the items after you find them, so you don't find the same one twice, and there is actually a goal.

PsySal says ...

Nicely done. I liked the artwork and overall feel of this game, nicely original. I'm not sure if I think it fits that well with the exploration theme but other than that it's a cool idea! I like the dinosaur sounds and that it has music, the scrolling seemed OK to me but what I would have liked was something to spice it up. Maybe like, Rex could taunt you as your hunting for things, by telling you that he really needs his coffee otherwise he'll fall asleep on the job, that kind of thing. Anyhow, cute game! I can see especially little kids enjoying this one.

Covenant says ...

Couldn't play it... The game started up, the title and music sounded but then it seemed like it didn't get any mouse input... Couldn't click on anything... :(

Sos says ...


AtkinsSJ says ...

Adorable! Also, I think this is the funniest game I've played so far. "Find as much junk as you can be bothered to" made me chuckle. :D

TenjouUtena says ...

A good game, a bit simple, but I could see my kids playing it. In fact, I'll probably let them try it tomorrow. Great game!

increpare says ...


cptalbertwesker says ...

Woulda been nice if the items disappeared after you found them, but I love the graphics and the sound effects, nice use of the theme

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