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by SonnyBone - Competition Entry

This is my first time with the Ludum Dare game compo, so I definitely made some rookie mistakes. I didn't get to implement everything I wanted to, but I ended up with a great foundation with a lot of potential, I think.

Make sure you have some music playing in the background because I didn't have time to utilize ANY sound whatsoever.

It's a 2-D platform / adventure game where the entire focus is on exploration and trying to figure out what's going on. You aren't really told what to do or how to do it, so you have to explore your surroundings.

It's like Wall-E meets Fallout, crossed with Metroid minus the fighting. There are no enemies. Just you and the world. Your only real enemy is your constantly depleting battery. The game ends when you run out of juice or when you get to a certain door.

I had a BLAST doing this!

Tools used

Game Maker 7 Pro
Adobe Photoshop CS4


Left / Right------------MOVE
Up----------------------JUMP (with powerup)
Down--------------------Search / Use
Enter-------------------Open HUD display
X-----------------------Close HUD display
ESC---------------------Quit Game

JUMPING: You cannot jump until you find the correct powerup. Jumping works differently in this game than most. Because you control a robot and your jump is controlled by a simple hydraulic rod, you have to be moving in order to jump at an angle and you cannot adjust while in midair. Jumping will drain your battery quickly, so be careful.

HUD/Battery: Be sure to check your HUD (Enter) often to keep track of your battery power. There are two bars on the HUD. The top bar is your battery power. When your battery power gets low, an icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. If your battery power reaches 0, it's game over, so use those charge stations!

EDIT - 12/14/2009 2:10 AM
I fixed a few bugs (I hope) that prevented the game from running correctly on certain machines. Details are in the ReadMe file included with the Windows download. I cannot port this to MAC, unfortunately. Sorry.

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Comments (archive)

eli says ...

Absolutely taken by the visuals, especially the empty city. You nailed it. Add some windy ambiance music and you're gold.

Draknek says ...

Love the graphics. Sound would add a lot, I think.

The jump was confusing. I eventually worked out that you had to be moving before starting the jump, but it's not how most games work so wasn't obvious.

philomory says ...

The graphics were very nice, as other commenters have noted. The game has a very explore-y feel to it as well, though at the end looking back one realizes that there was not a single branching path choice anywhere, which somewhat detracts from any actual explorations. Also odd, you cannot *add* horizontal momentum during a jump, but if you *let go* of left/right, you stop moving horizontally in the jump. That's a little weird. If the jump starts with horizontal movement, it should continue with horizontal movement until you land.

C418 says ...

The martians won? Those bastards!

Covenant says ...

Too bad the collision detection is so buggy on the jumps/platforms...
Is very good otherwise... :)

Hempuli says ...

I forgot to read what the items do and got suck. ;) Nice game.

Codexus says ...

Nice game, I played it to the end. It just lacks a little bit of excitement.

AtkinsSJ says ...

What's here is really good. Just needs audio to perfect the atmosphere. A pity you didn't have time to extend it.

Wiering says ...

Hard to play. I kept getting dead battery.

Jordan Magnuson says ...

Very nice. I played to completion, and was taken with the thing the whole way through. The idea seems to be derived direct from Wall-E, but I don't mind that, as it's a great idea to turn into a game (and generic enough, I suppose). I didn't see how the jump worked at first, so was confused by that, but once I figured it out I thought it was great: different from the norm, and felt good, too; ++innovation points. I Really don't have anything to complain about: I would definitely love to see the game expanded. (Oh, one thing: I thought a fullscreen option would be nice, as the window didn't "fit" very well on my 1280x800 laptop display.) Great job.

dock says ...

Amazing work for a ludumdare game, it's a very ambitious project! Some of the interface controls were slightly difficult, but there was obviously a lot of work present within this. It's a shame that you weren't able to finish it further, but congratulations!

wonderwhy-er says ...

Engine is little bit buggy and makes expiration not so "flow"ish. Use of theme is fine. Not innovative tough. Lack of sounds make it little bit dead... May be it amplifies feel of empty city but but at least robot itself should have been making some sounds.
Pretty good for 48h tough.

Undead3 says ...

Great visuals. The first screen is very nice too.
I had troubles to find the robot at the start. The jump is unusual but not so difficult to master.
The robot is a bit slow (maybe it's necessary for the atmosphere), there is no save and no way to interrupt the intro, but, since the game is not too big, it's OK as long as you succeed in about 3 tries.

sf17k says ...

well it's certainly got the appearance of a game that would take a month to finish

increpare says ...

hah! took me ages to figure out how to get out from behind the tank : P

sinoth says ...

My controls would stick sometimes after alt-tabbing out, making the game unbeatable :( [Note: after a few failed attempts I figured out I needed to hit the alt key again. Not terribly intuitive, consider listing ALT as the mousegrab key?] The graphics are wonderful.. I would love to play the full game.

sylvie says ...

I really liked the graphics, especially the vaguely wiring-schematic-like patterns on the ground. It's too bad there wasn't much to do in this version but an expansion with a less linear structure could be good.

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