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Ancient Technology

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by refrag - Competition Entry

You're lost and need to find your way home. You are a bat and can only see through the use of echolocation. Send out sonar pulses and navigate your way through 6 levels. What will be waiting for you at the end?

Development Time Lapse:

Tools used: Flash CS3, Photoshop CS3, GarageBand, Excel, cfxr.

Code disclaimer: Most code was written from scratch. Some existing classes were copy/pasted from previous projects. Senocular's KeyObject class was also used. (

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Comments (archive)

Wiering says ...

Great idea, but very hard to play. I think it would be more fun if the bat had some memory (so things you see stay there for a little while).

TenjouUtena says ...

Graphics are great, and suit the game well. The 'plot' was fun and funny, and good. Game didn't last too long, held attention for the time it needed, then let go when the idea was over. Had some 'aha' moments which were fun. The echo could have been a bit more revealing, I was annoyed with it at times, because ti would black out the bits I actually cared about. Over all, fun!

SonnyBone says ...

I enjoyed the music, but the sonar sound effect drowned it out. :(

I thought the game was pretty cool, actually. Very stylistic.

Atomic says ...

We had similar ideas but implemented them very differently (yours is far more playable, though). The only thing I really disliked was the echo sound, it gets very annoying but I know it's damn hard to make non annoying repetitive sounds.

Draknek says ...

Would have liked the echo to travel a bit further and linger a bit longer. Movement a bit slow and you seem to get stuck if you try moving along a wall pushing into it.

Music is very nice, but only seemed to play once, and is unfortunately drowned out by the sonar sound effect being so annoying and comparatively loud.

Overman says ...

Very weak, nothing here is impressive except the main character's graphic. This is not my cup of tea, sorry.

C418 says ...

Ah, I don't really have fun with this. It doesn't feel special to fly around in a 2D space where the only constraint is not to see much. Soundwise, the sonar effect was too loud, but otherwise good.

KungPhoo says ...

Very nice idea. The seeing process is a bit too slow, though. Maybe it would add if the background would not scroll, because that's confusing a lot. And the echo should spread out until it touches a wall, no matter how far.

matrin says ...

A great game. Nice graphics, well placed sounds, attractive game play. Just might have yourself a winner here.

I did get a bit frustrated on ~4th level, couldn't find my way onward.

Mark Overmars says ...

Nice game with very good graphics. Unfortunately the game idea itself isn't very original (see Nevertheless, I hope you do well in the competition.

Hamumu says ...

I really like the visual sonar effect, with the black waves inside (very tired of the non-visual part of it though!). Like other people said, the music was really nice when you weren't screeching. I had to give up on level 3 though because the noise was too horrible and I just couldn't see enough.

PsySal says ...

Awesome game, very polished and I really bonded with the little guy. Really liked that at the end when you pulse, your girlfriend/mom pulses back. Wish that it was just a bit easier to move around, I think if he were not so wide (even if he looked that wide, make his physics narrower) and being able to double-pulse your echo, or better yet have the walls stay lit for a short period would have made the game more fun. Super cute story, great level design, fun! Also I enjoyed reading your journal a lot during the competition.

Hempuli says ...

The mechanic was interesting, but the sonar sound effects was really distracting! ;)

wonderwhy-er says ...

Hmm haven't passed 4 level. Sound killed it :) Too annoying after some time.
Game itself is not bad tough. May be mechanic is not very well polished. Probably in larger labyrinths it would be very easy to get lost. Needs some way to mark places for point of reference.

gimblll says ...

Loved it. The small bits of dialogue gave it life.

sinoth says ...

The sonar sound could stand to be toned down a bit. Had some great music that fit the dark and lost theme very well! It was a bit annoying to only see like 50% of your surroundings with sonar, but that was probably by design. Solid entry!

Silly muffin :>

dertom says ...

You build up a very nice atmosphere with your sound and good game! Good job...

5parrowhawk says ...

I like the dialogue and concept - it's cute - but the gameplay itself didn't do it for me. Sorry. It would be interesting if you added a couple of puzzle elements - possibly with more NPC bats?

Entar says ...

What Wiering said, basically.

Risko says ...

I like the music a lot, but the sonar sfx are too annoying so i tryied to use it as little as possible. I didn't really enjoyed the gameplay, after first level it was always the same -- what i wouldn't mind to bear for the music, but once it stoped playing and i got lost, i stoped playing also, without feeling that i will miss something (maybe i had).

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