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Chip 1234

by voltain - Competition Entry

An exploration game where you are a robot looking for its missing pieces. I haven;t full tested the game so please notify me of errors at

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philomory says ...

This is a pretty cute, game, the graphics and audio are cute and the exploration is pretty fun. However, there's no feedback to tell you you've successfully saved, so I thought it wasn't working until later when I was done I saw the save file had been created. More importantly, if you fall in the spike pit which is too tall to jump out of (which I did), you're stuck forever; not even game over will save you, because when you're reduced to 0 HP, you don't lose.

Otherwise a fun little platformer.

refrag says ...

A fun little platformer! You weren't kidding when you said you hadn't fully tested the game though . :) Lots of minor issues keep me from enjoying this more.

TenjouUtena says ...

This was OK.. passable platformer with some fun stuff. The first platformer on my list that you could jump a reasonable height. I know the theme was exploration, but it was a little monotonous and expansive to hold my interest for long.

Wiering says ...

Please, if you have a menu and you use something other than Enter/Space or mouse click, say what key to press.

SonnyBone says ...

I think maybe I found your debug room? I fell into this grey room with powerups and enemies strewn about with copies of my character running around. 0__0
I like the design of the main character and the dotted background.

hubol says ...

Interesting... Though there were a few odd things. The HUD, for example, can go behind everything. The weird black rectangles appearing, but I have no idea if that was intended or anything. Some of the graphics don't match the game's style, like the save points which I have no idea how to use anyway.

dertom says ...

Nice platformer...keep on rocking

cptalbertwesker says ...

a very cute little platformer, nice idea, but I did get stuck down a pit. Also found it very difficult to start the game without knowing that select was z

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