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Intergalactic Farmer Bob in Space Hijinks

by Zecks - Competition Entry

Help Bob find 10 gems to power his spaceship batteries!

man i dont know what else to put in here


@comments: yeah should've probably sacrificed some authenticity for a bit smoother gameplay

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

Nice job of emulating a classic style... both visually and mechanically.

Overman says ...

I liked the style a lot, and thought you did a very good job with the game style-wise. The actual movement was too difficult and the game was too hard to play. Still, one of the better submissions so far. At least this one has something to explore.

Molten_ says ...

Really rad. Movement is kinda annoying, but it's not too bad.

jplur says ...

Hilarious! Very nice levels. I thought the movement was fine especially for ascii.

C418 says ...

Knytt meets DOS. Cool stuff. Playing it makes me think what I would think of this game, would it be available back then.

localcoder says ...

This is super awesome. There is so much going on!

The controls are a bit awkward, but hey, ascii platformers were always like that.

I stopped when I got stuck somehow trying to retreat out of volcanicity.

Love the music, love the different locations that I saw.

Maple says ...

Not bad and the snap-to movement didnt bother me at all. I got used to it quickly.

TenjouUtena says ...

A super retro ascii platformer. The music fits in nicely with the theme, and is pretty kickin. The game is too slow, though.

hubol says ...

I like!

I should get around to beating this...

Wiering says ...

It was fun, but frustrating to die and have to start all over again.

sinoth says ...

This is so rockin. A bit unforgiving, but the environments are interesting enough to keep me coming back. I almost think this would have been better with no permanent death, like Knytt. Still, awesome job!

Hempuli says ...

Lovely! I really adore this. :D

dertom says ...

Lovely,...really good job and altough it is ascii you made really really good graphics...I liked the game very much...

Diet Chugg says ...

Found all the Gems. :)

I found this game fun to play and that is all I have to say.

increpare says ...

I died. I enjoyed what I saw of it. Was never really sure how to kill doppelgangers. Fun, though : ) Music also worked well, I thought.

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