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by bentosmile - Competition Entry

Edit: There is an updated build with diagonal movement here, if you want it: :)

You play a teardrop. Explore the characters and help them fill their (metaphorical) holes.

Arrow keys = move
Y + N = answer
Space = skips through dialogue
Escape = menu/quit

Also, just in case, 'R' reloads the level.

Made with Construct, so requires an amount of DirectX

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

I, too, was unable to add any music to my game. With games that have no music or sound effects, I try to find something rad in my collection to listen to while I play it.

I spun some Earthbound tunes while I played Duct.

I seriously enjoy your artistic style, and I still remember Miner Distraction very well. Good work!

increpare says ...

I liked the graphics : )

Diagonal movement was a liiittle bit painful, and, while I did go all the way to the end (because I wanted to see it through), it took some pushing of myself to get through the last bits.

Graphical style I liked; I think I might have soured to it a *little* towards the end, but my feeling is that that was
due to the control issues mentioned above.

I'm happy to see that you did this, and I look forward to trying out your other projects when you get 'em done : )

FYI rules stipulate that you should include source code. [blanket comment on entries that don't include source].

recursor says ...

Good graphics, interesting premise. I too was pained by the lack of diagonal movement. Add some sound/music and some diagonal movement and you have a nice piece of work here.

scellers says ...

I had a great time with this game! I really admire the concept, and the game feels polished and well-executed. Granted, it feels more like a story than a game, but it was fun nonetheless. :)
I really love the art style and the choices you made with map shape. Very cool.

C418 says ...

It's good. Interesting that you have to answer the questions like these people want to hear it, not how you think it's right. Controls are a tad awful.

agj says ...

Beautiful visual style. You're staying a bit too safe in most respects, comparing against Tanaka's Friendly Adventure, perhaps. Some of the answers were not what I would have considered to be good 'advice', and I feel this detracted a bit from my experience, but overall enjoyed it.

Maple says ...

I thought it fit the Theme perfectly. More perfectly than "Holes", even :P. I really enjoyed this (although most of the answers defy hope and glorify reality. I mean, we play games to escape from reality!). Oh and the graphics were awesome too.

Risko says ...

I like the graphics part a lot and hoped, that i will like the game also (because i love weird games and this seemed weird). Unfortunately, i had a feeling of doing depth first search and answer guessing in a wonderfull land of depressed people. Maybe it wouldn't be bad at all if i would be able to walk diagonal, without this possibility it was to painful just to turn of the brain and enjoy.
But i'm critising it, because i feel, that adding sfx, tweaking the gameplay a little bit and fixing the problem with controls would make this game one of the best in this contest.

AtkinsSJ says ...

Really liked this, and I think it's just the right length. The one niggle I have is that the triangular areas completely disorientated me, but fortunately the levels were small enough that it wasn't a big problem.

Cosr says ...

I think I need to echo everyone else about the controls being not so great. I wonder if it's wrong that I like how all the characters are wonderfully, hopelessly depressed?

PsySal says ...

Really nicely done, a cute thought provoking story. Your journal entries were nice to read too because I could see I'm not the only one who panics and works like mad and produces such a tiny-seeming, simple game. Anyhow I really enjoyed the feel of this game, the role of exploring people's thought patterns and the dialogue was great. A true gem, nicely done. Some sparkly tunes for each level would complete it, but it's so nice as it is now.

Codexus says ...

Cute graphics, but it gets boring quickly. Also I didn't really like the dialogs.

Hempuli says ...

Unexpected error: the application was terminated. I seem to get these on about every construct game I play. :/

Entar says ...

This game desperately needs some music. Interesting idea, but the gameplay sort of turned into wandering around trying to find the next guy to get a key from. Some of those conversations and responses were kinda weird too. Good potential here, though.

wonderwhy-er says ...

Good graphics but it makes luck of sound almost physical :) Which is interesting. Some calm may be little bit sad tunes would have fit I think.
As for game itself. Liked those triangular tiles, not shore it was fun but it was not boring for shore.

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