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Tomb Thief

by Serilyn - Competition Entry

Tomb thief is about a suicidal thief who is trapped in a tomb but wants to collect as much loot as possible before he dies. (Ideally he would be able to make it out of the tomb with his loot but I ran out of time). Unfortunately the tomb is guarded by skeletons that he has to dodge in order to collect the loot.

The tomb the thief is in is procedurally generated. If you're curious, the layout of the current tomb is written to the ogre.log file.

Known bug: You can walk through walls if you have a very low framerate.

WASD to move. Moving the mouse moves the camera. Walk over treasure chests to loot them and avoid the skeletons. The game ends if you die. Press ESC to exit the game.

I used C++ with Ogre, OIS and CEGUI to write the game. Blender and photoshop were used for the art.

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Comments (archive)

AtkinsSJ says ...

Scored 20571. :D
I thought the 3D models were good considering the time limit, and the synchronised skeleton walk made me chuckle - probably unintentional, but I liked it anyway!

SonnyBone says ...

Tomb Thief made me feel incredibly nauseous, and I normally have no issues with FPS games. The models are nice and the textures work well. The lighting is also very well done.

With some sound and an actual exit, this would be pretty rad.

grayger says ...

Nice 3D works.

jplur says ...

Like the dungeon, is it procedural?

Hempuli says ...

Didn't work for some reason. :(

PsySal says ...

A worthy attempt but I think it's just missing too many things to make it a fun game. The main thing I would have liked to see was just a little bit more in the way of innovation, and in variety of gameplay. Making a 3D game like this even with Ogre3D is still a lot of overhead, so instead of implementing interesting ideas you might spend your time wrestling with 3D. The skeleton model was really cool, and what is there for gameplay is pretty solid! I enjoyed the item descriptions, and randomly generated dungeons in 3D is definitely ambitious for a 48H compo. Good job on completing what you did, it's definitely impressive.

Undead3 says ...

Great models and animation.
The map in the log is huge, ouch! After 20 rooms I almost had motion sickness (I have this problem with Half-Life 2 too).
Great death for a thief, nice story.

dock says ...

Nice work with the 3D! Runs fairly well on my super old laptop too!

sinoth says ...

Great skeleton model and animation! Unfortunately without a set ending there isn't much to keep me playing. A map would have been nice, or at least some other discernible features in the dungeon.

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