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oil exploration

by localcoder - Competition Entry

Find oil, become wealthy.

This is very unfinished so you may run out of things to do. Everything that is in the game should work though.

Some things that might not be obvious:
- brighter yellow means more oil, but size matters more. A big and dull oil field is much better than a small and bright one.
- so try to find a lot of yellowish squares all touching each other. Diagonal touching counts.
- oil rigs pump faster when there is more oil below them.
- click once on the game to make keyboard controls work.

Made in ActionScript (Flash) using FlashDevelop. Programmer art made in

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Comments (archive)

C418 says ...

I think this would be a great game if you'd polish it.

Hempuli says ...

It was surprisingly addicting!

SonnyBone says ...

This is a very unique take on the theme, and it's refreshing. Good work!

jplur says ...

The game really grew on me, great work!

eli says ...

Love the face of the "sell your oil" guy! Very nice mechanic.

matrin says ...

Interesting concept, but doesn't provide any chalange to a player.

TenjouUtena says ...

A good unique take on the theme.. I'm not sure I got everything working the way it's supposed too, but I kind of liked it. I think you move too slow, though.

philomory says ...

This has promise as the beginning of the game. As it stands currently, however, there isn't a lot to do. A few things that might help would be some sort of strategy to the probing based on either patterns in the oil or hints on failed probes, and tangible goals besides 'rack up as much money as possible'. If 'rack up as much money as possible' remains the goal, then there needs to be a threat other than simply running out of money, because otherwise once you start making more money than you're losing, the challenge is gone.

Anyway, those are just some random ideas. All in all it's a pretty neat idea.

scellers says ...

This was a fun, addicting game for a little while. As others have pointed out, in the future, having more of a goal and maybe improved oil rigs or something would be sweet - but as it stands, it's a game I enjoyed playing a lot. :)

ExciteMike says ...

It's a very cool use of the theme, but it feels like there needs to be more to it. Maybe if you had to get some amount money/oil in a time limit?

Entar says ...

Kinda fun, not enough replay value though.

Doches says ...

Fun, but needs some kind of challenge -- something to balance, or compete against.

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