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The Legend of Purple Dot - Epsidoe 1: Purple Dot the Explorer

by philomory - Competition Entry

Due to the time constraints I found myself under this weekend, this is really more of a toy than an actual game per se. Never the less, it does work. I think it's kinda cute, and hey, it's not all crashy and terrible like my LD15 entry!

run_windows.bat to start, Arrow keys to move, space to restore fuel, r to restart, escape to quit. See the Readme for the story (and nicely formatted instructions).

Instructions for running on OS X and Linux in the future, though if you're familiar with ruby I bet you can figure it out (hint: gem install gosu; ruby -rubygems LD16.rb)

(EDIT: Just changed the source link so it would always point to the LD48 version in the repository, rather than tip, which changes.)

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

My best score is 3700 thus far. Like you said, there isn't much going on as far as a game is concerned. The fuel and random generation aspects are well implemented, though.

TenjouUtena says ...

It's a game, it's kind of there. I'm not sure what to say about it. Nice to see someone using Ruby!

Jordan Magnuson says ...

Damn. I actually really like this. I've played six games today, and this is my favorite. Basic and simple, yes, but the foundation of mechanics, scoring, and abstract-yet-tangible theme are sound. I actually felt like a surveyor or map-maker or something as I trudged along with my pink dot. All you really need is a good algorithm for creating a succession of levels, and *perhaps* a refinement of how the random level generation and scoring fit together, and you've got yourself a winner of a casual game. Oh yeah, and global high scores, of course :P. Seriously. Make it, or I will ;)


Oh yeah, and my high score is 3990 (eat that, SonnyBone ;). I only missed the last block on that one due to my own stupidity.

PS: Did you see that I fixed that ridiculous bug that was ruining your 5 Colors experience? Stupid video cards... [mumble mumble]

AtkinsSJ says ...

You're right about it being more of a toy, but there's definitely room to extend this.

I've no idea what the score is actually based on, but since people seem to be boasting, I got 4000. :P

Hempuli says ...

Hmm; couldn't get it to work - the .bat file did nothing even after I extracted the game.

Wiering says ...

I got 4000 points too, but this game is more about luck than skill. If half of the area is water you can't get there and will receive less points.

Doches says ...

Good world generation, and it's so nice to see some Ruby!

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