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Bees n Flowers

by recursor - Competition Entry

Worker bees love to please their queen, and nothing pleases a queen more that gathering pollen to make honey. This queen, however, is quite picky about her honey. As a result, she demands nothing less than perfection from her workers...and absolute obedience. Gather pollen from the flowers that the queen indicates - in exactly the order she indicates - and all will be well. If you forget the sequence, or mess it up, you'll have to start all over. To receive orders or turn in pollen, use the arrow keys to enter the hive. The queen will tell you which sequence of flowers you must get. If you have completed a sequence, she will sing you a happy song. If you get the sequence wrong, she will scold you and you will have to start over. If at any time you forget the sequence, you can enter the hive again to look at it, but if you have one wrong, then you'll start over. Note: this is meant to be a memory game, so there is no help remembering where you are in the sequence once it is given to you. This is intentional. Also you will find little yellow drops of honey on the ground which you can eat for bonus points. By the way you can win the game, but it might be difficult unless you cheat. Oh yes, also don't fly past the fence as there is nothing out there. I toyed with the idea of making the bee not be able to go through the fence, but, hey - bees can fly!

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Comments (archive)

C418 says ...

Haha! The sound is the best part of this game! Good game! Although that ask simon thing gets really repetitive.

SonnyBone says ...

When I first played, I just ran around hitting tons of flowers like an idiot.

How long does this go on? I played for 8 minutes with no end in sight. The sound effects are funny.

scellers says ...

Quite a funny game! As everyone mentioned, the sound effects are priceless. :)

philomory says ...

The graphics in this game have an awesome Dr. Suess-esque feel to them, and the little sounds are cute. The flower distribution was pretty aggravating, though. After the first set of requests, which was fairly entertaining, I got a request for a single pink flower. It took me quite a long time to find one, I explored the full length of the field and back before I did; frustration was compounded by the fact that the game inexplicably seemed to lag whenever I got too far away from the hive. Otherwise a neat idea, though.

madk says ...

The sound was good and the graphic theme okay, but the gameplay lacked any depth.

jplur says ...

Funny sounds. I liked the memory sequence part, but it would have been nice if the sequence was randomized each run.

Hempuli says ...

Couldn't get it to work; crashes in startup.

Draknek says ...

Love the sounds. Would be better if the bee flew faster.

Undead3 says ...

The scrolling lagged on my computer.

matrin says ...

It looks like you had quite some fun making this. :)

dertom says ...

Nice one. I liked the small bee...gj

increpare says ...

liked the audio - did I think four collection runs, then explored for a bit

sylvie says ...

I liked the title screen music and the smooth controls of the bee. Collecting pollen got boring pretty fast though.

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