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the light at the end of the tunnel

by ippa - Competition Entry

Move with arrows. Explore the very strange place you've ended up in.

Made with ruby, gosu and chingu. sounds with sfxr.

The day after deadline I discovered a serious bug that made the player fall through any floor on when x == 0 or x == screen.width. I took the liberty to fix that. So if you downloaded the game very early and experienced this, please download it again.

Sfernald has made some new very fun/hard to beat levels to this game. If you liked the original but thought it was too short/easy you need to check this out:

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Comments (archive)

madk says ...

Was there any more to it than just randomly walking around? The artistic style was pleasant, but there was no color or impression variation between screens. And as opposed to your "perfect pixel collision" claims, I found a good number of oddities, though I will say none of them got me stuck like the poor level design; there were far too many areas where I could not get out of. This includes the area shown in the second screenshot, among others.

With some more polish, this could turn into something pretty addictive, but not without.

Hempuli says ...

Hahaha! The ending was awesome!

sfernald says ...

I really enjoyed this game! Great job! It remind me of rock climbing. So simple, yet fun!

But I did get stuck in the wall eventually several screens in. I'll try again later. One of my favorites so far.

Haha, I just finished the game. Great ending!! Hilarious.

philomory says ...

Ippa! I too share your love of Ruby, Gosu and Pixels! I do like the game, though there wasn't enough branching for it be really 'explore-y' to me. But otherwise I liked it. Chingu sounds awesome, I might check it oout (though I, like you and I think most Gosu users, have rolled my own to suit my needs, I may find parts in Chingu to steal).

SonnyBone says ...

OH MAN. I laughed. I noticed a bunch of little areas that would normally hold ATTAINABLES. I imagine you didn't have time to add them, and that always stinks. The little bug eyed creature is cool.

Jordan Magnuson says ...

Nice start ippa! Seiklus is one of my favorite games, and I felt some of its vibes running through here. Add some stuff to discover, maybe some other variation between screens, and this will be a real winner. Nice work!

gimblll says ...

Was interesting until I got stuck inside ground.

sinoth says ...

Someone was watching me play and said "looks like you're in some intestines..." heh heh heh. Would be much more tolerable with improved collision detection. Ending was good :)

dertom says ...

Dude,...this game is perfect. Nice cute character, good controllable and well, gameplay nice and even (a bit) challenging and the end...just perfect...very very good

sylvie says ...

I liked the design of the rooms, it felt very natural compared to the grid-based levels you see in games a lot.

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