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Cat Planet

by sylvie - Competition Entry

A short and simplistic exploration platformer. Fly around and talk to a bunch of cats on cat planet.

Use the arrow keys to move, and any other key to flap your wings. You can hold up/down to adjust the height you get from a flap. Controls for options are in the readme.

You can't save, so you will have to finish the game in one sitting.

This game is Windows only.

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maxwell207crm says ...
Dec 16, 2010 @ 12:07am

I downloaded this (from the above links) and McAfee Internet Security picked it up as being infected with a trojan, specifically Artemis!. Anyone else find this happens to them?

It's not a big deal for me but my girlfriend is ridiculous for cats and I was sort of excited to show this to her. :-}

Zombeevee says ...
Feb 20, 2015 @ 10:13am

I cant seem to get it to work, I download it, then it complains about needing to install, so I install it.. and I end up doing the same freaking thing every time I go into it. also something about extracting. im a noob and I just wanna play some catplanet can someone please help me?

DorothyRogers says ...
Jul 16, 2019 @ 2:41pm

great article thank you

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Comments (archive)

SonnyBone says ...

WOW. This is pretty rad. I love all the little cat phrases and the music. Did you make all this music in 48 hours as well?!?!

C418 says ...

Although it's repetitive, I really liked it. Probably because of all those cats cheering me up.

hubol says ...

A really neat game again, chu. Rather challenging. The little cat phrases are rather funny as well.

increpare says ...

the cats really quite disconcerted me. some excellent moments with them. i lost interest when I got stuck in the middle of two hard bits.

but yes I liked it: sure

killdream says ...

The game is really cute, from graphics to music. I really liked the stylish looks of it, nice work putting everything together :3

recursor says ...

Man that is some serious level design work for only 48 hours of time. It got quite difficult in some places, and yet it was also difficult to stop playing. Add some kind of treasures or quests and some RPG elements and this game would be off the charts. Nice job!

Molten_ says ...

Lotsa fun. Probly my favorite entry I've played thus far. That final area though ... oh man. That final screen was was hard.

@bentosmile: use the mirror

Maple says ...

This is a pretty damn good game.

Zecks says ...


jplur says ...

very cute, fun

scellers says ...

Man, I started playing this in a room full of people, and everyone was like "Aww what a silly game. You just walk around and talk to silly cats." It's cool that you made it sneak up on people like that.
Also it's an incredible amount of level design! Jesus! What an epic game.

localcoder says ...

cat planet cat planet cat planet!

I love the music and the cheerful cats and the difficulty curve which starts easy and takes you places you didn't think you'd go.

Good thinking on the "Have you got 61 cats?" tip - it certainly saved the game for me.

I've only got one suggestion, which is that the ending could be more cheerful. The game ends with the player stuck in a grey cave, with no easy way back to the happy cat village. I would prefer to end the game at a happy place.

philomory says ...

This is a really fantastic game. It starts off slow, and at first I sorta wondered if it was more just a physics toy than a game per se.

And then I found the Jungle...

The music is the crowning glory of this game, but, really, there's very little that should be added or removed from any aspect. Saving would probably be good, a mini-map (filled in by the player as they go, of course) might be good... other that that, my only complaint is that at times the game was kinda laggy and it made it hard to steer. All in all, an excellent showing.

Hamumu says ...

This was really cool. Got crazy crazy crazy crazy hard. The second to last room easily killed me 80 times (the credits were ridiculously fast, but I think it said 167 deaths, most of the rest in the room with 4 spinny firewalls). I'm really impressed with the sheer amount of content, with the different zones with different music and all. The controls were painfully floaty, I wish I had a whole lot more inertia.

SpaceManiac says ...

Aww, so cute kitties :D

I missed 2 cats in the factory before I got to the underworld, but I went back and finished the game with 67/67 cats and 134 deaths.

Codexus says ...

AWESOME! At first I thought cute but no gameplay, and then as soon as things started to become interesting I got addicted.

Mostly it was not too hard except for the rotating lava things and the room at the very end. Those were insanely hard! I think I died more than 1400 times (took me I guess ~1h30 to finish! But it was worth it. Crazy game but the instant respawn made it enjoyable.

Cat planet! Cat planet! Cat planet!

PS: I just had to play it again right away, this time it was easier since I got used to it and took about 15 min and only ~180 deaths.

Hempuli says ...

Very polished and fun. The cats really added to the gameplay, and the credit text was hilarious :D

gimblll says ...

Not very innovative gameplay wise, but very fun and funny, love the cats. Bonus points for great music tracks too! Way too hard for me to actually finish it.

NiallM says ...

This is great, and my favourite game so far. Really hard too, but the level design is fantastic for a 48 hour game.

dock says ...

I really adore the aesthetic for this!

ippa says ...

w00t .. I made it to the end :D. At first I thought it was something really simple but turned out to be quite challenging. And fun enough to play it through, some really cool level design and varied in it's minimalism. The controls felt a bit odd to me at first too, but they grew on me.

sinoth says ...

Love it! Most fun entry I've played. You can tell you actually worked on content rather than just an engine. The last room though... COME ON. CAT PLANET!

cptalbertwesker says ...

The music is great, the cats are awesome and the flying system works nicely without making the game too easy, the game seems huge, tremendous effort and congratulations required!

Catmoo says ...

Was an awesome little game, had a huge difficulty spike though!

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