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Space Explorer

by jplur - Competition Entry

Space Explorer is a game where you search the universe for a special treasure. Fight enemies, make money, and upgrade your ship as you travel in search of new planets.

Windows download,
source is .blend file, works in blender 2.49

Also: I forgot to mention '+' and '-' keys zoom in/out

EDIT: Finally got a working .exe, shouldn't be any more problems!

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Comments (archive)

Laksen says ...

Text in the start of the game just shows up as @'s

grayger says ...

I can't execute it. When I press 'p', only a small white box is shown.

Codexus says ...

Nice but it lacks a clear purpose, just flying around in empty space and shooting at a few things isn't enough

SonnyBone says ...

I didn't find anything to shoot other than planets, but they never exploded. :(

bentosmile says ...

Aw, it still crashes on start for me. :( (Using Windows Vista) Sorry!

Hempuli says ...

Due to me not having pixel shaders, the experience was reduced to black ships on a grey background. ;(

Wiering says ...

This game is too hard, it's almost impossible to shoot those enemy ships and not be destroyed first.

JackZack says ...

Couldn't get the upgrades to work, if they did then the lifespan of the game for me would be a lot longer.

dertom says ...

Nice Graphics and chilling sound.

increpare says ...

Liked the music. Ended up getting chased around by a bunch of ships, but finally found a ship big enough to be worthy of getting killed by : )

sinoth says ...

Learning curve is a bit steep. Also, it's frustrating to not know where a space station is... there also doesn't seem to be any way to heal? (other than randomly find a planet that does it for you) A nice chill game, and cool concept, but difficulty is a bit high. I finally mastered the combat but then died randomly to militants on a planet :/ The turret system is a bit weird.. to kill ships I had to 'game' the turret system and constantly aim in front of enemies while circling them.

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