Competition information for Ludum Dare 15, held August 28th-30th weekend in 2009.

The theme for Ludum Dare 15 was Caverns. Ludum Dare 15 had 144 entries.

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Historically speaking, this was our first competition with the brand new submission system, a rudimentary compo website redesign (with logo), as well as a keynote.

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Lex Bendover: The Dig

by nilsf - Competition Entry

When asses need to be kicked, Lex is the man for the job.
arrows to move around, up to jump
space bar to shoot
m to mute the horrible music

I should have added sound, but I ran out of motivation.

1) now with a windows build :) (Arrg, the readme is missing. My internet is way too slow for me to waste another half an hour re uploading the archive though.)
2) I fixed a potentially fatal bug, if you downloaded before the post was updated you may want to update
3)previously undocumented keys:
spacebar to start the game from the title
esc to skip the intro, return to title from game and quit from title

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Comments (archive)

sol_hsa says ...

Interesting.. gravity. =) Hated the heatseeking, wall-passing bats. Reminded me of manic miner for some reason.. =)

doohan says ...

I like the creepy organ in the background, and the low grav isn't that much of an issue (it's actually helpful in some parts). Some of the spike traps can be pretty unforgiving though. Fun though.

graner says ...

Aaah, the bats. :D A fun gamee!

Comtemno says ...

That was more frightening than the most terrifying Lovecraft story. In a fun way.

sylvie says ...

Pretty funny, I like the graphics and the cheesy Duke Nukem-esque one-liners from the character. The actual platforming is a bit slow and clunky but overall I enjoyed it.

sf17k says ...

Holy balls evil homing stuff. The boss's bullets kept me on my toes...

This game is funny. I like when he says "I'll get you" to the spikes.

Sophie Houlden says ...

This was pretty solid, in stucture and difficulty =p
those homing ball things were a pain in the ass though, I couldnt get past the boss :(

personally I'd prefer it if the character was a little more agile, but other than that a very good LD entry :)

CodeJustin says ...

Very fun and good job with collision.

philomory says ...

The music was nice and atmospheric, but it did get annoying after awhile. +1 for including an easy way to turn it off. The game seems kinda interesting, but the controls were frustrating. It's not the gravity that bothered me, it was the way you slid around a lot after you stopped pressing the movement keys. The one lines, were good. It would also have been good to have some indication of your current health (says the guy whose game gives no indication of current health).

Endurion says ...

Nice platformer!

Lex slides way too much after landing, I often slid into a spike pit in a specific screen. Besides that quite nice.

Entar says ...

I agree with sol_hsa, those bats are nasty. Also, I seemed to get hit by the spikes even when I appeared to land safely on the ground next to them...

ondrew says ...

Love the intro and the whole package.

The bats are hard. I want to find out what happened to the owlprobes!

dock says ...

This was a big surprise! I didn't enjoy the introduction cutscene, but once I got into the game it was a lot of fun. The platforming controls were pretty poor, but the levels obviously had a lot of thought put into them. There were some clever exploits of the mechanics in there. Great work!

jazmeister says ...

It did crash eventually, but I thought it was awesome. Some faster movement and more voracious enemies wouldn't hurt. I was running from the zip so I didn't get a logfile, sorry :/

psnake says ...

The character slides too much and some parts making some parts of the room a bit frustrating.

The final boss is very good, just a small advice: use more the surrounding space if you update your game to make the room more interesting.

jolle says ...

Bad things (sorry): Movement feels like slowmo. Main character is a complete douchebag.

Level design etc was good. Very themey.

Almost says ...

controls are a bit clunky. being three units tall and only able to shoot on the second unit height is annoying. enemies seem to fall under either frustrating annoying (homing bats) and insignificant(things that more or less stand there and let you shoot them)

jarnik says ...

Nice intro :) Event though the game looks easy, it was pretty hard to get over those spike pits. I didn't have enough patience, so I wrapped it up at the first screen with the fireball-throwing eye.
And those bird/bat thingies were pretty damn annoying :D

HybridMind says ...

I played this pretty darn far. Really enjoyed the funny intro and all the other thematic bits that went into this game. The cheesy one liners were fun and I like that the games style is very self consistent. I didn't really like how everything moved so slowly though. I felt like I was playing at half speed. Also, the spike pit collision was really unforgiving near the edges. Nice level design and level content work for 48 hrs though!

Problem Machine says ...

Nice music, but it doesn't loop. Decent little Metroidvania, but the wonky collision detection on the spikes killed the fun for me. Also the gravity is really low, which is an odd choice. I love the way he wiggles his legs for the walk animation.

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