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The theme for Ludum Dare 15 was Caverns. Ludum Dare 15 had 144 entries.

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Moons Of Subterrane

by stuckie - Competition Entry

Moons of Subterrane - LD15
Steven "Stuckie" Campbell

If it runs too fast on Windows, PLEASE make sure you're using the Fixed EXE, for the reasons explained below - I buggered up the submission somewhat, and you're using an OLD EXE.
The easy way to test this is if there's any sound or not.. if there's no sound, you're using the WRONG version!

We've been doing research around the Moons of Subterrane for a while now, though unfortunately the locals have decided they're not too happy about it anymore.

They've unleashed a horde of vicious monsters into the caves we have been researching in.
Your job is to clear these caves and rescue our researchers.
Of course, the natives have also managed to destabalise each sector of the Moon we're in, so you've only got a set amount of time before it tears itself apart!

You ship is controlled via the Arrow Keys.
Z acts as a firing mechanism.
X will transport researchers between your ship and whatever station you've landed on.

Good Luck!


Oh the fun this was.
I probably only spent about 24 hours on it max... wouldn't be too hard to extend either.

Sounds were done in MilkyTracker via messing with the debug log as a sample source ;)
Graphics in GIMP.
Code in Lua mostly, with some engine tweaks in C/C++
The engine does run on the Wiz and Dingoo, but I don't think I've got the buttons mapped, so it may run but not do anything.

Full source code is provided though!

I only managed to properly map out Chronos and the first two sectors of Kala.
The rest are repeats of Chronos with random gravity values, and different tilemaps ( colour shifts, wooo )

Hope you enjoy it :)
Built and tested on Windows 7 and Gentoo Linux AMD64

Oops I forgot to mention two controls!
Landing on a manned station will repair your ship.
Holding down while doing this will speed up the repair - and your main station outside the caves will repair you much faster than the smaller ones inside.

And to pause, press return.
This is also used for restarting the game once the time runs out, and for ending the game at the end screen.

-- Dingoo Notes --
I had to do some more fiddling to get it to play on the Dingoo... as such, Player.lua was edited in the scripts, and some control stuff was messed with.
Dpad - move
B - Fire
Y - Transport
Start - Pause
Select - Quit

It's a fair bit slower too.. and no sound.. but, for an extra five mins work, better than nothing!

-- GP2X-Wiz Notes --
Controls are somewhat mangled due to the GP2X and Wiz sharing the strange "diagonals are buttons too!" philosophy.. however, it does run ( and faster than the dingoo! )

DPAD - ship movement.
X - Fire
A - Transport
MENU - Pause
POWER-SWITCH - Quit ;) sorry... I forgot!

A better controlled version will appear (much) later, but that's my quick ports down just now!

Source changes for the ports are included, so you can see what was edited from the main entry.

--Win32 Notes--
In the main package above, I included an OLD exe ( has no sound, and no frame lock ) ... I uploaded a fixed exe which you should use. Amusingly, if you re-compiled off the source included in the zip, you'd get the correct exe ( which this is ) ... apologies for that! Lack of sleep and being ill really didn't help.

-- Extra Help For Those Stuck At What To Do --
The point of the game is to land on each station in the caves, and Transport the researchers from that point to your main base outside the cave.
You do this by landing on the station, pressing down, and X on PC.
You'll see your Researchers counter change from ( in the first level ) 0/0/5 to 0/1/4 indicating that you've rescued 0, have 1 in transit, with 4 remaining.
Transport them to your base outside the caves, land, press down and X again, and your researchers status should change to 1/0/4 - showing you've rescued one, have 0 in transit with 4 remaining.
If a station has no more researchers left, it dims ( and the landing pad's hazard lines go from yellow to red. )
Each station you land at also restrengthens your shield if they're active ( you can speed this up by holding down ), and marks a respawn point, so should you die, you'll respawn there rather than on your base.
You can also transport a researcher back to a station - main point of doing this is if you need to top up your shield after going too deep into the caves, and still too far from your main base.

Once you rescue/kill ( if you die with a researcher in transit, they die too ) all researchers on that sector, you'll get a "GET OFF THE MOON" message, to which just fly outside the cave and straight up, or to the left. You'll then be taken to either the next sector of that moon, or the next moon if you've completed all 5 sectors.

-- Survival Hints --
Although killing everything in sight is good for points, some sectors are tight on time, and your main task is to save those researchers! Your best best is finding them all and moving them to a station near the exit first, and then blasting everything to bits.

Be warned that if the timer comes under 75 units, the moon starts to destabalise, making it trickier to see what's going on as the timer ticks ever closer to zero.

Hope that helps those confused as to what's going on!

-- Stuckie

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Comments (archive)

sol_hsa says ...

Seems to run way, way, way too fast on my machine. Sync to timer next time?

Frimkron says ...

Once I figured out how to play, and found there were multiple levels, I realised that there is more to this game than meets the eye. I'll have to come back and try to finish this one...

Green Point says ...

Does it have just one level? Anyway, it is fun. I destroyed all enemy bases of the first level but I couldn't go to a second level...

CodeJustin says ...

Very funny little game but runs too fast.

Endurion says ...

Not bad, and quite tough time limit on stage 3.

A little message that you entered a new stage would be nice, the start screen looks the same ;)

ondrew says ...

Very solid game. I played the speed corrected version, but was having difficulties anyway :).

jazmeister says ...

Couldn't figure out the lua stuff. Maybe later.

Problem Machine says ...

This robot is really bouncy. It's hard not to get pushed between rooms, especially when just touching the outer border transports you instead of having to actually go off screen. I was having fun until I tried to repair and got pushed into a wall where my robot disintegrated. And brother, let me tell you, when it disintegrates, it disintegrates!

philomory says ...

Seems like a fun game, but it the enemies spawn really really really fast, and it's not immediately obvious that it's possible to destroy the spawn points, leading to a sense of 'WTF how do I survive this?'. Also, when I was getting near to beating the first sector, trying to land on the final platform to repair, I ended up drifting off into the wall somehow; when I reached the edge of the screen, the game crashed.

noonat says ...

Not sure if it's running too fast on my machine, but the physics are SUPER bouncy for me. Whenever I get hit by a monster I get knocked 1 or 2 screens to the side, and usually get hurt by careening into the wall. For a game that is so much about precision this is particularly frustrating.

Audio was had way too much static for me.

I'm a sucker for space games though... would love to see this polished up more.

jolle says ...

I could use a bigger window!

As some other people said, a bit bouncy. Otherwise a decent game.

Entar says ...

Super fast on my machine, can't really play it well. I'm playing on WinXP. From what I could tell though, it looked like it could be fun.

mklee says ...

I guess I liked the idea of this a bit more than playing it. The speed is still a little fast (although that may be intentional), but the really floaty controls were a big problem for me.

sylvie says ...

Fun game. The mechanics are pretty interesting, I didn't even realize you could drop researchers off at other stations than the main one. I didn't mind the physics but maybe enemies shouldn't knock you around so much.

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