Competition information for Ludum Dare 15, held August 28th-30th weekend in 2009.

The theme for Ludum Dare 15 was Caverns. Ludum Dare 15 had 144 entries.

For the announcement post (with keynote by Mike Hommel), click here. To see the results of theme voting see Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3. To see results of the user survey, click here.

Historically speaking, this was our first competition with the brand new submission system, a rudimentary compo website redesign (with logo), as well as a keynote.

Stay tuned for Ludum Dare 16, coming December 2009.

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Dwarf Caverns

by Frimkron - Competition Entry

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mjau says ...

Wasn't sure how to control this. No information in the entry, and no readme. Anyway, I managed to walk around a bit, got followed by a dwarf for a little bit (well, he just seemed to be blocking my way wherever I turned, though I found out later that these dwarves are in fact immaterial), eventually backed up and happened upon a treasure chest. When I attempted to open the chest by hitting enter, I was rewarded with, not treasure, but a crashing of the game! A reproducible one, at that. In fact it seems the game crashes whenever you press enter (if you've not typed any commands, as I found out later). The log states:

E:SpillLudum Dare15frimkronld15_caverns_by_frimkronmain.exe:317: DeprecationWarning: integer argument expected, got float
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 872, in <module>
File "", line 739, in typing
File "", line 694, in text_command
IndexError: list index out of range

Okay, so let's not press enter then. Started the game again, and discovered that I could type commands! Suddenly the game got a lot more interesting. Talked to some dwarves about treasure, found some (well, it was that chest again), and ..

>open chest
Unknown command "open"


Then got attacked by a skeleton as I wrote 'help'. Not the help I was hoping for, but okay. Read the help text, killed the skeleton, and attempted to turn away from the chest before I realized I could try to USE it. Luckily the chest had followed me as I turned and, long story short, upon using the chest I finally got my hands on some treasure! Well, a gold pendant, anyway. Managed to combine it with its owner (heh) and got wind of some REAL treasure, apparently towards the east -- course I'd no idea where east was. Decided to try out the mine command and made myself a nice little tunnel that collapsed behind me as I went, eventually getting me well and truly lost, trapped in a confined space with another skeleton that somehow happened by. After I'd slain it, I hit enter by accident and crashed out.

So yeah. Might come back to this later, but there's more games to vote on. Had fun while it lasted though, despite the difficulties! I love this kind of game and it seems like this could be a good one with a little more work =)

nilsf says ...

I had to move the gfx directory and the world.dat file to run it (from source).
Started out looking like a great retro entry, but it crashes too much.
Here's a traceback if it helps:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 868, in <module>
File "", line 418, in turn_right
draw_viewport(viewport, wld, pos, dir)
File "", line 334, in draw_viewport
vis = wld.get_visible_blocks(pos, dir)
File "/Users/nils/Downloads/ld15_caverns_by_frimkron/src/ld15caverns/", line 155, in get_visible_blocks
File "/Users/nils/Downloads/ld15_caverns_by_frimkron/src/ld15caverns/", line 227, in get_block_graphic
if BLOCK_DATA[block].has_key("graphics") and BLOCK_DATA[block]["graphics"]!=None:
KeyError: 'r'

It's a shame, I really wanted to play this one. If you update it, I'll definitely check it out again.

hroon says ...

There are some bugs but I like the combination between dungeon crawling and mining.

Endurion says ...

What a very interesting way to combine Bard's Tale with an adventure. This could make for some quite interesting gameplay if done right.

After a hint I got that you could "mine" new tunnels. And after mining quite a bit I finally read the help and saw "right control". Argh!

With a delicate designed world this could be real good. You should however bar the player from digging everywhere. Once I ran off and dug my straight as far as I could I was not able to return to the starting place.

dock says ...

It craps out on my PC :(

jovoc says ...

had a bit of trouble running this -- the py2exe version didn't work for me, but after upgrading to python26 i was able to run it. Then I learned not to press enter.

pretty cool. I loved being able to alter the level by mining, and was impressed that you had gameplay and combat. I never did figure out how to open the chest or find the treasure, though.
The dwarf told me the treasure was north, but without a minimap or compass I didn't know where that was. I remember having to draw out the levels on graph paper for the bard's tale but I wasn't quite up for that anymore. Still, great idea and very impressive for 48 hrs. Nice art, too.

gimblll says ...

A bit difficult to keep track of where you are going. A compass or an automap would've been nice. I would've liked to see how it ends but got frustrated pretty soon.

ExciteMike says ...

Crapped out on me.


G:Programmingeclipse workspaceLD15 Cavernsdistld15cavernsdistmain.exe:821: RuntimeWarning: use font: MemoryLoadLibrary failed loading pygamefont.pyd
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 821, in <module>
File "pygame__init__.pyo", line 70, in __getattr__
NotImplementedError: font module not available
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 826, in <module>
File "media.pyo", line 40, in load_media
File "media.pyo", line 20, in load_image
pygame.error: Couldn't open gfxbackground.png
G:Programmingeclipse workspaceLD15 Cavernsdistld15cavernsdistmain.exe:317: DeprecationWarning: integer argument expected, got float
C:DOCUME~1MIKE~2.MIKLOCALS~1TempRar$EX00.985main.exe:317: DeprecationWarning: integer argument expected, got float
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 872, in <module>
File "", line 739, in typing
File "", line 694, in text_command
IndexError: list index out of range

Sparky says ...

This ran fine on my computer. I found the pendant and talked to some dwarves. I dug northward and found another room with some rocks in it, and found some parchment in a chest, then didn't know what to do next and randomly tunnelled north and then I quit.

This was pretty fun until I got lost. I'd definitely enjoy a longer version. I really think you should explain the basics in a readme- this is hardly self explanatory and you're probably unnecessarily losing a lot of people, which is a shame because this seems like a pretty fun game.

Nice work, this is pretty charming and impressive for a weekend's work.

ondrew says ...

Nice graphics and I like the idea, but it's a little bit chaotic. A map of some sorts would help a lot.

Also for longer text is the font is really illegible.

philomory says ...

THis seems like a really good idea, but it was at first hard to figure out what to do, and when I did find the help command and discovered digging, it wasn't log before I also discovered that as you dig a tunnel you throw the dirt behind you and thus it is very easy to get hopelessly lost very quickly. I then of course discovered the compass, but by that time it was too late.

The interface could juse some work, as well as the content, but it's still a really neat idea; sort of a cross between Gold Box D&D games and IF or Sierra adventure games.

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