Competition information for Ludum Dare 15, held August 28th-30th weekend in 2009.

The theme for Ludum Dare 15 was Caverns. Ludum Dare 15 had 144 entries.

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Historically speaking, this was our first competition with the brand new submission system, a rudimentary compo website redesign (with logo), as well as a keynote.

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Polluted Caverns

by astrofra - Competition Entry

Here's my unfinished entry. The game logic barely works, but there's only one level and it doesn't detect the end of the game itself, so it's not really rewarding for the player, I'm afraid :)

The idea was to make a puzzle game where the player sould get rid of the pollution stuck inside the cavern.

Select 3 pieces that are close to eachother, and they should dissapear. It's all about selecting them in the proper order.

Before playing a game, you should install 2 (harmless) runtimes. The game should require (at least) a GeForce or ATI with pixelshader Model 3.0.

I made the game with an engine that is not commercial yet, it's still in beta test and not publicly released.

The sources are available in the project.

Sorry for this unfinished entry, for my first contribution to LD it's not what I expected, but ... :)

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Comments (archive)

Problem Machine says ...

Very pretty game, but runs rather choppy on my system. Also, the game cursor splits off from my windows cursor, and when I click on objects at the bottom of the screen I end up changing windows because of this.

Doches says ...

Glorious lighting, and smooth physics -- I wish you'd gotten some more levels, and something beyond a simple match-3 mechanic. Could be great, man. Could be great.

Chris Zamanillo says ...

Very nice graphics and physics as usual. I say finish it and extend the matching mechanic!

noonat says ...

Beautiful game. Really nice job on the art and rendering. The gameplay all worked as expected for me, and the game ran great. It's really a shame there aren't more levels. :(

There was a slight bug with the mouse that made it kind of frustrating -- it thought the in-game cursor was higher than my actual mouse was, so clicking was a bit weird.

Some simple sound effects would also help a lot. (sfxr!)

sylvie says ...

The graphics are great, and it ran well on my computer. Too bad you couldn't get more gameplay stuff done.

ondrew says ...

Nice graphics, there seem to be some issue with the cursor, when clicking on the lower barrels, I'm getting out of the game because the game cursor is in a different position than my real cursor.

doohan says ...

I like the mechanics and the lighting is excellent. Had the same mouse issue as everyone else, sound and more levels would be good :)

fydo says ...

Wow, very pretty!

sol_hsa says ...

Weird.. the game's mouse pointer is not in sync with the system mouse cursor, which means I can't click everywhere on the game screen.

Jonny D says ...

:/ Just a black screen on my system...

Morre says ...

The graphics are amazing, just as I've come to expect from you. As was the case with your boat game, the game doesn't properly exit when you close the window - you have to shut down the process manually after that, which isn't very nice.

Gameplay is classic match three combined with physics, which might well have been fun had there been some challenge to it and more levels.

As pointed out by a number of other people, the in-game cursor doesn't match my real cursor, making it impossible to click the lower objects without deselecting the window.

Well done :)

jovoc says ...

looked really nice, but i bet it would have worked better as a straight 2D game. If you're going to go 3D, do something that can't be done in 2d like a FPS or something...I also had the mouse cursor bug. Actually it's a pretty interesting take on the match-3 idea... love to see it developed further.

You mention the engine is in a closed beta. If the engine isn't freely available to other entrants, it wouldn't be allowed by the rules. I didn't dock points for this, i don't know enough about this engine to tell, but keep that in mind for next time.

Almost says ...

! Cannot execute "C:UsersMattAppDataLocalTempRar$EX00.394polluted_caverns_alpha_0.3nengine.exe"

Endurion says ...

Has encountered a problem and must be closed. Probably no SM 3.
It's a match-3 game from what I see, why does it need shaders 3.0 for that?
Shaders do not a game make.

Entar says ...

Cool game, nice graphics and physics, and so on. Only problem I found was the cursor being mismatched with the actual mouse like Kobel said.

phren says ...

Looks very nice, shame there isn't really much to do. The mouse cursor in the game and my own mouse cursor had a strange offset. Dunno what the rules say about a non-public engine, but what the heck. :P

SpaceManiac says ...

Fun idea, but the cursors come out weird.

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