Ludum Dare 36
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Ancient Technology

LD36 has ended!
Well done to everyone who took part.
1912 Amazing Games!

Competition information for Ludum Dare 15, held August 28th-30th weekend in 2009.

The theme for Ludum Dare 15 was Caverns. Ludum Dare 15 had 144 entries.

For the announcement post (with keynote by Mike Hommel), click here. To see the results of theme voting see Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3. To see results of the user survey, click here.

Historically speaking, this was our first competition with the brand new submission system, a rudimentary compo website redesign (with logo), as well as a keynote.

Stay tuned for Ludum Dare 16, coming December 2009.

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Miner Distraction

by bentosmile - Competition Entry

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Comments (archive)

sol_hsa says ...


doohan says ...

Graphics are really nice. I also really like the hidden caves as well.

hroon says ...

Very cute graphics. Exploring was quite relaxing and fun. Is there any way to interact with the cave creatures?

Matt Thorson says ...

Great visuals.

Kimau says ...

Relaxing, pretty trip which made me smile.

afterthought says ...

Played through it 3 times, had to make sure I explored everything :)
Great art!

gadlor says ...

it's an impressive little journey! i really like how the atmosphere changes from area to area. wish there was more to it, though. :)

Green Point says ...

As Endurion, I got an error too. An unknown exception...

Sophie Houlden says ...

I'm also getting an error =/

Problem Machine says ...

Amazing, I have no idea how you produced so much lovely art within the LD deadline. I think this would be really outstanding if you had some music to reinforce the sense of wonder that the art brings, but this is a really nice little world to spend some time in even without that.

Fifth says ...

Heh, very cute. It was fun exploring for a while, even if there wasn't anything beyond just that.

ondrew says ...

Very cute graphics.

zacaj says ...

I love the hidden caves, but they should be more hidden, and the people should say something...

nilsf says ...

It doesn't seem to work, I just see a page with an ad and a broken applet icon underneath.

ExciteMike says ...

Really nice controls and graphics, not much else, but those were nice.

AtkinsSJ says ...

Beautiful, though sound would be nice, as well as maybe some interaction.

philomory says ...

Well, ok, thee's not a ton of gameplay here, but the graphics are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, the controls are nice and smooth, and some of the characters in the background are very funny. It's games like this that make me wish I could award 6 stars in a particular category.

noonat says ...

Very pretty. I loved the menu screen. The player's animations look great, too. I really liked the way the level subtly changed colors as you got deeper into it.

This really needed sounds... it would have helped the atmosphere so much. Also: pickaxe?! I want to use the one on the menu screen. :(

Endurion says ...

An unexpected error occurs during startup, can't play. I'm using a GeForce FX5500 with 16 bit desktop depth on Windows XP Pro.

The web version works though. It looks and controls great, but there is not much of a game there. I love the hidden characters :)

HybridMind says ...

Very pretty little explorer-platformer. I was trucking along for a bit and starting to think that not much was really gonna change but I was having fun with your well balanced platformer controls when I saw the broken signpost and was like.. oh! Something new. Then it got really creepy in that huge chamber with all the other beings in the walls. That was awesome. Then it just sorta ended.

Anyway, seems like a great engine and I loved the art style and color variations. You should definitely add some other stuff or goals even if you keep it an explorer I guess make there be some kind of point or story to what is going on.

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