Competition information for Ludum Dare 15, held August 28th-30th weekend in 2009.

The theme for Ludum Dare 15 was Caverns. Ludum Dare 15 had 144 entries.

For the announcement post (with keynote by Mike Hommel), click here. To see the results of theme voting see Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3. To see results of the user survey, click here.

Historically speaking, this was our first competition with the brand new submission system, a rudimentary compo website redesign (with logo), as well as a keynote.

Stay tuned for Ludum Dare 16, coming December 2009.

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by TFernando - Competition Entry

The preloader will hang for a couple of seconds between 95-99%. I ddin't have time to fix that.

The town was built over a cavern. Place your buildings so as not to over stress the ground! Beware, at least one of your competitors has active designs against you! You can also play it safe and place support beams to hold up your structures!

The game ends when the first player reaches $15k cash. Your final score is your 'points' times your 'cash'. You recieve rent in the amount of 1/2 of the purchase cost of all of your remaining buildings

You gain one point every time you place a building.
If you lose a small building, you lose 1 point.
If you lose a medium building, you lose 4 points.
If you lose a large building, you lose 9 points.

Your points will go negative if you lose large buildings early in the game. This makes it extremely hard to win.

No sound. No music. Just didn't have time.

The Direct Embed link goes straight to the game. The other link goes to an index of prior versions made during this compo.

Tools used:
that's it! :) Have fun!

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Comments (archive)

Comtemno says ...

Good idea; but too technical to be actually fun. Good journal!

smx says ...

It was not immediately clear to me how I could strategically place my houses and when to place support pieces. Also the counting of points does not add anything to the game.
With maybe only three stress levels, shown in the same view this could be a great strategy game. It's a cool concept with lots of potential.

mjau says ...

Agreed with smx. I felt like I was just placing houses randomly (well, occasionally checking the stress map and putting in a support or two), and that the AI was doing the same.

dock says ...

I played this for a while and it seemed interesting, but I couldn't understand the goal or why I was succeeding. Didn't seem to have anything to do with caverns either.

Green Point says ...

same as mjau and smx.

gadlor says ...

i don't know if it's too technical to be fun. i just had no idea how to place support beams. :) i like the style, and it certainly stands out from all the platformers!

Almost says ...

Cool idea and concept, but not terribly fun. Stress map is cool to see.

nilsf says ...

As others have said: cool idea but not very fun.

SpaceManiac says ...

Ran very slow... I wasn't able to play it enough to get a feel for what it's like.

Endurion says ...

The idea is interesting, but the result leaves a bit to desire.

I placed houses everywhere (as one of the AI players did), but mine kept collapsing. The different views are irritating, it would probably help, if you could see all at once (at least partially).

Hempuli says ...


Objelisks says ...

Pretty neat concept. I got the hang of it after a while, but it might help to give more indication of what is happening. I.E. numbers in addition to the color for the stress map, and showing how big the building is before placing it.

afterthought says ...

I greatly enjoyed suicidally harassing player 2, we both ended with huge negative points, but at least he didn't win. Player 3 won instead :P

I had some wacky input problem going on any time I had the stress map up.

Entar says ...

Cool. Stress map is kinda cool.

Sparky says ...

I didn't know how to place support beams either. This seems like a good enough idea, it just didn't get enough time to cross the line from interesting into fun (but I think it could).

Neat creative use of the theme, too :)

ondrew says ...

Not much cavern related, but interesting to play nevertheless.

philomory says ...

This seems like a pretty interesting game, though at the same time it could be a little difficult to figure out exactly what the 'rules' were. Also, there was a bug where I couldn't place anything when the stress map was visible, and the cursor didn't follow my mouse correctly in those situations either.

Overall it seems pretty neat, but either I needed more patience or it needed some tweaking.

phren says ...

Quite a nice game, maybe sound effects could've made the events in the game more recognizable as the graphics were a bit coder-stylish. :P

Jach says ...

Looks similar to something I did sometime back. Yours is better. :)

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