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Competition information for Ludum Dare 15, held August 28th-30th weekend in 2009.

The theme for Ludum Dare 15 was Caverns. Ludum Dare 15 had 144 entries.

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Historically speaking, this was our first competition with the brand new submission system, a rudimentary compo website redesign (with logo), as well as a keynote.

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Dwarven Rock Smash

by Mag Roader - Competition Entry

My first entry into LD48.

Take control of a Dwarf and smash up some rocks!

There are little tips at the start of each round. Don't ignore them! The gameplay's a lot deeper than you might expect. If you want to play a second time, I have succeeded.

Updated: I added Leaderboards! This wasn't in the original distribution, so please discount it for voting purposes.

If anyone was having trouble getting Mochi working under Flixel, lemmie know and I'll send you working code snippets.

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Comments (archive)

fydo says ...

Very cute ;)

dock says ...

This is a lot of fun! :) I really like the tips at the start of each round.

zacaj says ...


hroon says ...

Cool! I like how you learn the different moves after each level. The game looks simple at first but the fine variations using only the cursor keys make it very addicting.

nilsf says ...

Love the menu screen with the dwarf running after the rock.
Fun little game.

Doches says ...

Great game, but the controls felt a little wonky. Clever idea, though.

jplur says ...

Fun! I like games with leaderboards.

ExciteMike says ...

I know dwarfs are supposed to be small, but COME ON. :) Leave him pixelly but scale him up 2x. Uh, yeah about all I can recommend is polish stuff like maybe bigger score numbers and juicier rock breaking, or expanding it with more types of rocks or more "moves" or something. Like maybe you can toss the hammer and can't break rocks til you catch it but get a big bonus when you do.

noonat says ...

So much fun. I love the little touches, like the animation for diving downwards. The dwarf chasing the rock in the menus made me laugh out loud.

My only complaint is that horizontal movement feels really sluggish sometimes, and can be frustrating.

Awesome game!

Endurion says ...

Nice idea, but could really be a bit bigger.
I've got a large monitor and I can hardly make out the dwarf ;)

afterthought says ...

This is exactly how I imagine dwarfs smash rocks!
Controls are fine, maybe the gameplay maybe gets a little too chaotic at times though.

jazmeister says ...

Pretty cool. The tips go a long way to helping you get into the swing (ahahaAHAHAHAHAH!!!11) of things. I felt like there was a nuance of control to it. Solid submission.

Morre says ...

Of the games I've tried so far, this is likely the one that's been the most fun to play. While not spectacularly innovative, this feels like a solid, well-polished game. Well done!

Almost says ...

Kinda neat, but also kinda too simple. I got bored before too long. The use of just arrow keys for multiple moves is nice, since it keeps the controls pretty simple but adds some depth to the gameplay.

mjau says ...

It's fun, but not very original. I was a little disappointed that there's a maximum height =)

Entar says ...

Great game, loved the bouncing mechanic. Very polished. Maybe give the hints in the instructions - I got better as the game went on because I knew I could do more stuff. Also, consider dropping the height cap, it would be fun to see how high you can get by bouncing off rocks.

badlydrawnrod says ...

Fun, and somewhat therapeutic. Who knew that smashing rocks could be so much fun? I'm not particularly good at it, but that's another story.

dessgeega says ...

it's that osrinal game, but with a tiny unicycle? each gradual unveiling of a new nuance of scoring (via the hints at the beginning of each round) does make the game more interesting to play, and it's pretty enjoyable to bounce from stone to stone. i appreciate that the game is played with just the arrow keys, and that they all affect my movement as i'd expect.

ondrew says ...

The collisions are sometimes a bit choppy and the game doesn't feel as fluid as it could have. But apart from that it's a solid nice game. Pretty addictive.

philomory says ...

This game is awesome, tons of fun. Will definitely come back and play more once I've finished judging. You're right, the gameplay is surprisingly deep, and considering this is basically a pick-up-and-play, 3-minute twitch game, it requires a fair degree of thinking.

erik says ...

It had a lot more depth than I was expecting. Nice job.

localcoder says ...

I love how going closer to the ground gets you more rocks and more points but risks losing your multiplier. So the temptation to go lower is always there...

This is a whole lot of fun. The way rocks propel you upwards is satisfying in itself; the rest of the game makes it even better.

lexaloffle says ...

An interesting and thoroughly enjoyable action game. My only gripe is that it feels bad hitting your head on the camera view ceiling.

mklee says ...

For some reason the dwarf sprite is super endearing.

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