Competition information for Ludum Dare 15, held August 28th-30th weekend in 2009.

The theme for Ludum Dare 15 was Caverns. Ludum Dare 15 had 144 entries.

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Historically speaking, this was our first competition with the brand new submission system, a rudimentary compo website redesign (with logo), as well as a keynote.

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Cave Flyer (blue)

by localcoder - Competition Entry

Please try version 1.2; I have made the game much easier in response to feedback.

(If you are judging, you should base your scores on the original version only.)

Thank you everyone for the feedback so far!

* * *

It's a cave flyer so you fly in a cave. Perhaps you've played one before? This one is blue.

- arrow keys to thrust and rotate
- spacebar to shoot
- [a], [r], [t] to buy upgrades when parked on the landing pad.

This is very unfinished but should be playable. You can't win, though. And the difficulty might be a bit off.

Made with:
- FlashDevelop & Flex 3 SDK
- sfxr (and Audacity to convert wavs to to mp3)

I'm new to ActionScript so I looked at and stole from lots of tutorials - there are comments in the source where I did this.

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Comments (archive)

Epitaph64 says ...

Haha, oh man. This one is HARD! I enjoy shooting a large stream of bullets, and then plowing through them >:D

ChevyRay says ...

Really difficult. Wow you move fast in this!

sol_hsa says ...

Way, way too difficult. Slower movements and some collision tolerance would make it more fun.

mjau says ...

Ooh, a cave flyer! I love this kind of game. This one's a bit unfinished, yeah, but it could be good with a little more work =)

As others have said though, this is very, very difficult, specially since enemies respawn as soon as you leave the screen they're on. Many times I'd destroy an enemy only to be flung off the screen and have it respawn. Sometimes I'd enter a screen right on top of an enemy too, which usually resulted in a quick death. I thought I'd even the odds a little by increasing my armour, farming metal on one of the first screens until I had enough, but doing this apparently tripled the enemy count..

nilsf says ...

I like the way combat works where you don't kill the enemy directly by hitting him but by pushing him into the walls.

sylvie says ...

Agreeing that the ship is too fast and really hard to control. I found it strangely compelling for such a simple game though.

Wiering says ...

I'm too slow for this game... It's kind of frustrating to have to restart from the beginning every time. A health bar would be better.

Endurion says ...

Quite hard!

A bit finer controls would work wonders for playability. I love the exploration part and then getting home for an upgrade.

agj says ...

The gravity and impulse are too strong for my comfort. I love Thrust, but this is way too hard!

Almost says ...

Difficult to control, yeah.

afterthought says ...

Not really a standard cave flyer, I like your idea a lot more. Cool! The screens seemed small to me - since what's on them is randomized when you enter, switching screens all the time makes things a bit discontinuous.

ExciteMike says ...

It's like both Lunar Lander and Asteroids, but better than either one! Good show!

DrPetter says ...

Initially I had a hard time controlling the ship, crashing all the time. Once I realized there's no real penalty for crashing though, I relaxed a bit and eventually managed to get all upgrades and visit all parts of the level. It was kind of fun and a little bit explorey.
Maybe it would have been a little bit easier to play if there was more friction to ship movement? Another thing that would be interesting but actually make the game harder is if you lost all metal when crashing, so you'd have to nurse your ship back home after going on a raid. Maybe coupled with a number of allowed hits/bounces before death? It was not immediately obvious that I could collect metal by tractor beam, and at first I tried landing on top of them. Maybe you could have added a graphical indication like a beam of light between the ship and any collected piece of metal?

athanazio says ...

I would love to play this one without exploding on the walls :)

jovoc says ...

a spaceship in a cave... wish I'd though of that.. jk.. heheh. You actually got a lot further than I did with this game. I liked the color scheme a lot, and the tractor beam collection was a nice touch (so nice that I might borrow it). The controls were wayy to sketchy, though, it was really hard to control. I'm going to try the post-compo version next, looking forward to that. Nice job.

philomory says ...

The steering is pretty much impossible, for me anyway. I can't possibly shoot at anything, and the only metal I could collect was the two that fell on me at the very start of the game.

I'll make sure to try the updated version, though. It seems like it could be fun with a little work.

(Edit: Just wanted to add that I tried the updated version, and it is indeed quite a bit of fun. Nice work on that one.)

Henry McLaughlin says ...

I'm not really a fan of cave flying games, but it was all right.

I like the graphical style. :-)

The game was a bit big for my screen, but then again I'm doing this on a netbook. :P

HybridMind says ...

Compo version is surprisingly fun despite the tricky control physics. The simple graphics work well. The cavern is interesting to explore. The economy of the system is fun to exploit and upgrade. I think I'll give your post-compo version a try now to see what you changed based on feedback. Well done on the combination of mechanics you did here! Oh yeah, congrats on your first LD too! (Nice.. post-compo version is nicely done too!)

sirGustav says ...

Awesome! The only thing I didn't like is that the enemies get's reset when you are changing screens, making fights across screens fights feel pretty random :)

Entar says ...

Cool little game, though it's a little hard to control considering that the slightest hit on a wall will kill you, and it makes it hard to aim too.

Green Point says ...

I think the spaceship could be more slow. I had made a game without good controls too, and next time I will focus on controll and easy gameplay, I think you should do it too.

SpaceManiac says ...

A pretty good game. It's hard to control the ship, however - I would have enjoyed brakes.

Jach says ...

I almost did this instead. Not bad.

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