Competition information for Ludum Dare 15, held August 28th-30th weekend in 2009.

The theme for Ludum Dare 15 was Caverns. Ludum Dare 15 had 144 entries.

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Historically speaking, this was our first competition with the brand new submission system, a rudimentary compo website redesign (with logo), as well as a keynote.

Stay tuned for Ludum Dare 16, coming December 2009.

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Cave Ninja

by jolle - Competition Entry

How to play: Follow the instructions in game.

Best played on a 1280x1024 screen.

In case you don't follow the mission texts very well, the levels loop after the last one. And here's the keys:

Left/Right Arrows: Move
Enter/Left Ctrl: Jump
1-3: Select weapon
Up/Down Arrows: Aim
Space/Left Alt: Charge/fire weapon

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Comments (archive)

Kimau says ...

Good fun game, love the Lava. I could do the last hour despite trying for almost an hour :P

jplur says ...

Wow killer game, this has major potential, hope you flesh it out in the future!

HybridMind says ...

Very amusing little game.. definitely had a lot of fun with the lava mechanic. It was fun to watch it blob around too. Nice job also on creating so many levels as well as a very nice learning curve and level progression. I will say that unfortunately I was unable to win the 'finale' level... I tried like 5 times and the closest I got after adjusting my strategy was down to 2 last dwarf pirates and I accidentally blew myself up! Nice work!

Entar says ...

The audio cut out after the first level - other than that, good game!

Almost says ...

Cool features, but the presentation is a little slow/weak. I love destroying dirt and causing lava flows. Shooting stuff is fun. Somehow the levels didn't seem exciting enough though.

jarnik says ...

Hey, that was fun! Amazing mix of liero and worms, plus a neat liquid simulation. I liked the ninjas vs. pirates theme :)

I had great time playing this and would be curious to play more levels.

Problem Machine says ...

Nice, it's like Worms: puzzle edition. Or maybe they added a gameplay mode like that to the game, it's been a while since I last played it I'm curious how you did the collision, it doesn't look like it's per-pixel; I'll have to check out the source later.

Gilvado says ...

So cool! Feel like the levels should have been a bit smaller, maybe.

Wiering says ...

Very nice game! A few things though:
- I got stuck in the (rock) wall in the last level and had to restart
- something that happened several times: I shoot continuously to make a path and when I'm finished, I release the key and still get an additional (very weak) shot that blasts the ground away under me!
- I'd prefer less text, rather a list of keys than a paragraph telling what keys to use (I normally refuse to read any text in a game and try to only scan it for keys and figure things out from there, which didn't work here)

Endurion says ...

Really really good :)

I love the lava flows. Quite puzzley in its way. A way to look at the whole level would be a helpful addon.

philomory says ...

This game is brilliant. Lots of cool gameplay here. I really love the way the lava-flow works, too. Very nice. Couldn't figure out how to beat the last level, although now that I look a the screenshot above again, I think I see how to. I'll be playing this one again, to see if I can beat that last level.

Very nice.

afterthought says ...

This is a really, really good game idea. The last level was an excellent showcase of the potential of the game. I figured out how to beat it pretty quickly, but I still had to replay it a lot because I kept messing up on jumps or shots.

I had a lot of trouble hitting anything. I started getting better, but I kinda wish there was an accurate aiming arc display and/or mouse aiming. It would make the game a lot easier, but I think you could make up for it by adding things like faster enemies or shots that require exact precision.

I also fell into lava on accident a lot, I think movement and collision could feel better.

fydo says ...

Haha, very cute and fun.
Works great in WINE by the way. :)

erik says ...

Very cool. Some really neat tech. Sound didn't work for me. Some more levels could make this much more engaging.

The last level took me many more tries than I expected.

noonat says ...

Awesome game... brings back memories of Scorched Earth.

ondrew says ...

This was seriously AWESOME!

greencow says ...

Lovely lava! good game, but as I was almost finished with level 7 it began lagging to being unplayable..

LoneStranger says ...

This is great. Fix some of the things you mentioned in your post mortem and what others have been saying here, and you've got yourself something you can sell.

Jacob says ...

Really fun!
I love the use of marching squares to do destructible terrain. I have been working on the exact same thing over the last week so its really nice to have a look at your implementation. Very clean.

This game has a lot of polish. It has a clear beginning and end, and excellent instructions/tutorial. My favorite of all the ones I have voted on. It's something I would play for fun, and in 48 hrs!


sf17k says ...

Quit teaching me with the text and let me learn! I was really looking forward to a level with hundreds of dwarves and hundreds of bazooka rounds. Impressive lava liquid simulation.

sirGustav says ...

I liked the tiny characters

ippa says ...

Good stuff, played it to the end. The 3 different weapons made for interesting gameplay. This could be amazing as multiplayer with cool levels.

SpaceManiac says ...

Very very awesome. Great concept and execution

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