Competition information for Ludum Dare 15, held August 28th-30th weekend in 2009.

The theme for Ludum Dare 15 was Caverns. Ludum Dare 15 had 144 entries.

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Historically speaking, this was our first competition with the brand new submission system, a rudimentary compo website redesign (with logo), as well as a keynote.

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Caverns of Light

by NiallM - Competition Entry

**Update: Now on OSX too!**

Bugs fixed since v1.00: jumping bug; performance on 16bit displays; reflectors can no longer be placed on top of each other.

A puzzle platformer type thing. The aim is to link up lamps to lightboxes using right-angled reflectors.

left/right cursors: move left/right
z: jump
x: drop reflector
Esc: quit to menu
Return: select menu item

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Comments (archive)

Radix says ...

Looking forward to that jumping fix, I think it'll make a big difference. I really like this entry but the collision problem makes it hard to enjoy.

doohan says ...

This is really cool game. I like the way the world gets lighter as you connect more lightboxes. Looking forward to the jump being fixed though.

Wiering says ...

Too bad it the walking is so slow... Nice game though.

Hempuli says ...

Wasn't able to play, OpenGL 2.0 bug. :(

Doches says ...

A clever idea, but some collision detection bugs and super-punishing jumping technique really detract from the fun.

ExciteMike says ...

I REALLY like the concept, but the controls need work, especially the jumping. And you probably ought to give the player a couple frames after dying before you kick him back to the start. Cool game, though!

AtkinsSJ says ...

I really wanted to like this game, and I do, but fiddliness makes it less fun - placing reflectors in mid-air is very tricky, especially as the game lets you put multiple in the same place - I quickly kept running out while trying to place them one square up from the ground. If you could make this easier, you're on to a winner. :)

Endurion says ...

Quite nice game.

Would be good if it wouldn't let you place more than one reflector at the same spot.

It hits one major "feature bug" (one of my personal favourites): If your desktop depth is set to 16 bit it crawls like a slug. Had this both on my laptop and my desktop. Can't be such a problem to get both 16 and 32 bit fluid?

badlydrawnrod says ...

Could do with a little more explanation, but once I figured it out I started to have fun. Apart from the fact the collision detection is a bit off, this is a nice idea and is well implemented on the whole. Great that you included a level editor.

GBGames says ...

I had to install the audio library and mess with my system to get it to run. Even then, I didn't hear anything when I played it. I found the main mechanic of lighting the lightboxes to be pretty cool, although it was very hard to move to place them where I wanted them to be, causing me to waste them.

Also, limited lives were annoying because I would have to start all over again just because I happened to fall in a pit three times or otherwise die.

noonat says ...

I like the game. Great sound, and the gameplay is pretty fun. Lighting up the world is cool. :)

However, I really think that this is a game that would have benefited from unlimited lives, a la Knytt. Lives might be okay if you at least had checkpoints, but as it is, it's far too easy to die due to the twitchiness of the jumping, or the (rather unfair, IMO) placement of roof spikes in places. Once you make one mistake, you have to trudge through the whole level again, during which time you are likely to make more mistakes.

Dying and having to restart completely is very frustrating in this game, given the amount of work you have to go through setting up lights.

Slowing down the jumping speed a bit would also improve the game a ton. It can be really hard to precisely place a light or jump over a trap as it is.

Entar says ...

Cool idea, but it needs a tad more polish. Jumping was a little bit odd, and after the first light-grabber, I wasn't sure how to get any more because of those tube things in front of them. Also the music was a little choppy sounding on my computer. Otherwise, good work!

Chris Zamanillo says ...

Great gameplay and audio, collision and jumping was a bit wonky but this was still one of my favorite entries. It was very rewarding and satisfying when the light reached the lightboxes. Nice job with the level editor as well.

fydo says ...

Crashed for me under linux, but worked in Windows.
Pretty fun, but the jumping was a little odd.
I agree with the Knytt comments above. ;)

philomory says ...

This is a pretty cool game, but the OS X version has a few bugs. The most obvious one is font-related, a most of the characters displayed during gameplay are replaced by hyphens and exclamation points, so I can't tell how many lives or whatever I have. What font it is you're using? Maybe the versions that ship with OS X and Windows are different, or maybe I have a custom or corrupt copy of the font installed.

Also, the game seems fun, but the platforming is so unforgiving that I don't really have a chance to enjoy the puzzle aspect.

(Edit) Played it on windows, and I concur with my earlier assessment. The game is pretty interesting, but the platforming is very unforgiving, and combined with touchy controls, it detracts a bit from the puzzles.

dessgeega says ...

i like the idea of this game, but - in addition to collision problems that make it very hard to play - i think the player ought to be allowed to reposition reflectors. having a limited supply to cover all of the lightboxes in the cavern makes sense, but positioning them - especially off the ground - is a little to clumsy to justify keeping them stuck where they land forever.

jarnik says ...

Charming graphics, good atmosphere. I just got a bit frustrated by jumping - the jump power depends on how long has been the jump button held (instant maximum jump power would be great). Weird glitches also happen when I repeatedly press jump in mid-air.
Also the sudden deaths are a bit annoying - savepoints would be nice.
But these are just little details. I really enjoyed playing it, the game has a potential to develop into something bigger :)

ondrew says ...

Really enjoyed the puzzle, but managed only to connect the first two lights. Then I watched the walkthrough :)

I missed some kind of a map. When the source and target are not on the same screen it's not really obvious what to do.

sgstair says ...

Good idea, pretty good execution (very good for 48h). I generally like the gameplay but agree with others that the lightboxes are rather difficult to place. Nice walkthrough :)

sylvie says ...

The concept is good, but the awkward collisions and unforgiving life system made me quit pretty quickly. I think you could build an interesting game out of this without any enemies/hazards at all and just focus on reflector placement puzzles.

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