Competition information for Ludum Dare 15, held August 28th-30th weekend in 2009.

The theme for Ludum Dare 15 was Caverns. Ludum Dare 15 had 144 entries.

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Historically speaking, this was our first competition with the brand new submission system, a rudimentary compo website redesign (with logo), as well as a keynote.

Stay tuned for Ludum Dare 16, coming December 2009.

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The Walls are Not Cheese

by Sparky - Competition Entry

Explore the caverns which are not made of cheese. Brave dangerous hazards, break through walls, and blast hideous rectangular creatures into chunky kibbles!

Well, that's the idea, anyway. Come back in a few days for a version which fits the description more closely :)

<left mouse button > to shoot
<left, right> to move
<up> to jump

Special thanks goes to Morre for hosting the .swf on his site.
There are actually two versions- the downloadable is a little more broken, and the web version is slightly newer except I accidentally deleted level 3. Oops.

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Comments (archive)

ChevyRay says ...

Excellent engine! Blowing up the walls in the end and carving your way through the not-cheese walls is extremely satisfying. Definitely should expand on this concept :)

Problem Machine says ...

I really like the particle effects you got going with the destroyed wall fragments. It makes me reconsider some of the resolution choices I made for my own project, because the only thing keeping me from doing stuff like that is that it takes too much cpu to do it at 640x480.
It turns out you were also doing some of the same destructable terrain and pixel perfect collision detection stuff! If I find a better solution I'll share it, because it looks like we could both use it :)

doohan says ...

First up: Awesome name :)
I love the particles too
It's a little short but fun all the same.

nilsf says ...

The particule effects and digging were very nice.
There isn't much to do though.
Also the displayed area was taller than my screen which is kind of annoying.

dstrysnd says ...

Feels like a tech demo rather than a game. Also, you can fall into the floor quite a ways (and into vertical walls while jumping). Cool particles!

jplur says ...

I like shooting the words.

zacaj says ...

I got stuck in the third level and the second repeated three times, it was fun though

Epitaph64 says ...

I fell off the edge during the second level and never came back haha! (EDIT: I won!)

I enjoyed it, but my resolution is 1280x800 and I had to scroll the website to see the entire game at times (couldn't find the light blue square on the second level because of that for awhile)

ondrew says ...

I feel that destroying the non-cheese is more fun than attacking the rectangle. Digging / blow-something-up game has a lot of potential.

Great particles effects.

Matt Thorson says ...

I loved carving my way around the final room. Needs more levels though, and ones that use the concept more creatively!

sf17k says ...

I should only jump one centimeter. I don't want to annihilate natural cave formations unless I *have to* in order to get around obstacles. The noise angers the locals.

The colors are friendly.

fydo says ...

Cool destruction on the walls and stuff. :)
It was a little bit on the short side. I hope you continue with this idea.

ExciteMike says ...

Neat! But definitely needs more levels or tunneling enemies or something to give you some actual gameplay. I would have really liked to take a peek at the source, too.

HybridMind says ...

The most fun I had was the 'You Win' screen..! Traveling around there by shooting the not-cheese was so much fun. I'd totally love to play a game that explored your fine non-cheesy particle engine further.

afterthought says ...

I basically echo the above comments.
Made me think of liero

Sophie Houlden says ...

Made me think of liero, which is only ever a good thing!

could do with a little more 'play' in there though, (maybe be able to make levels from image files too) but its a pretty nifty start :)

Hempuli says ...

Nice engine! Sadly the game isn't that finished otherwise.

drZool says ...

Excellent, however no leveldesign took the score down a notch.
I love these types of free and open games.

Doches says ...

Ok, this is just awesome. Fun, and waaay too short.

badlydrawnrod says ...

It's fun to destroy the environment, but it's a bit too short.

noonat says ...

BWAHAHA! I love digging. DIE WALLS! :)

Unfortunately there's not much game here, despite the potential. :(

Jacob says ...

- I like the idea, very unique twist on the idea. Mmm cheese. Tunneling is fun too!
- Especially like the particle effects and jumpy bits.
- Could be developed with more of a flow and gameplay in mind (beginning, middle, end).
- Like destroysound said, more of a tech demo than a game, but really cool.

DrPetter says ...

Haha, it's Liero with 10x crazy jumping action. Eating through the walls is a lot of fun, and I love the enthusiasm of the player character. He just takes off like a dart and sticks to all kinds of surfaces, or goes through them. It comes across as a little bit buggy, but that doesn't matter in the least. This could be turned into a destructive evil spider-man game where you can jump up and latch on to a wall while completely annihilating your surroundings using some brand new death-dealing ability.

mjau says ...

Mmm, walls.

Very short, but it's a nice start =)

bburbank says ...

The tech is really nice! Collisions could use some tuning, sure, but there's a neat basis for happy fun funs here.

Endurion says ...

Aww, such a neat engine, but you didn't build the good levels yet.
I've seen what you did with the after-compo version, awesome direction!

localcoder says ...

Very cool. The original is quite fun and your post-compo releases improve on all the obvious issues.

I'm not sure I like shooting a rectangle to win the level, though - I would rather win by shooting something made out of destructable pixels, as that's the most satisfying part of the game.

Almost says ...

Blowing stuff up is great. However, your levels really don't take advantage of this blow anything up ability.. which is sad.

Entar says ...

Fun stuff. I could definitely see some tunneling mechanics in there.

erik says ...

Very cool. I was sad to see that you had made such a cool engine, but delivered so few levels.

It's pretty slow on my 2.1ghz core 2.

It's good that you are still working on it.

Morre says ...

I love the concept, and the graphics are really charming despite their relative simplicity. I do think the post-compo version shows real improvement over the contest version, and I would really like to see you taking this idea even further.

Well done! :)

phren says ...

The only thing that was missing were the levels. :P Cool "prototype", needs content and audio to rock though. Nice particles flying around. :)

philomory says ...

I liked the wall digging effect.

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