Competition information for Ludum Dare 15, held August 28th-30th weekend in 2009.

The theme for Ludum Dare 15 was Caverns. Ludum Dare 15 had 144 entries.

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Historically speaking, this was our first competition with the brand new submission system, a rudimentary compo website redesign (with logo), as well as a keynote.

Stay tuned for Ludum Dare 16, coming December 2009.

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Kavern Keeper

by jarnik - Competition Entry

- FlashDevelop (+Flex3), coded in ActionScript 3
- sfxr
- musagi
- Inkscape
- Gimp
- OpenCanvas + Wacom tablet

- Flixel v1.25
- TweenLite v6.21

The basic idea comes from the Dungeon Keeper. I wish I could spend more time balancing the gameplay. If you have any improvement suggestions, let me know.

This was my very first compo submission ever and I enjoyed it a lot! :)

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Comments (archive)

Green Point says ...

I didn't realised how to play this game... =(

nilsf says ...

I love this little game, the music is nice, the graphics are very nice and it's just fun to play with.
I wish you could see your minions' health and maybe tell them to drop their shards so you can get a goblin to bring them back, but it's already very nice as it is.
However when the knights are fighting your guys from below you don't seem do any damage.

Ariel Yust says ...

Very nice game thought I finished it in 30 sec with a win =
you just pick the shrades to ur green crystal like 3 time and you win... your troops automaticly destroy the enemy whithout a problem and with no need for me to interfear...

music is okay, sounds are retro quit okay... its not that fun right now mostly because its realy short and has no levels - which is a shame... I was expecting to move a level but the game ended...

and whats the dea to hold X+C to start game?! enter or space would be okay...

platforms are odd... I can't realy jump and the creature I control just bumps into those rocks and its abit annoying... I have no real control over him... at least I can hit things which is okay... didn't use that almost =S

the theme is okay - hey its in a cave right? =D and you protect it hehe

nice graphics - realy retro =] could use much more sprites like walking jumping attacking and act... it would be nice if u continue doing more sprotes... the menu looks great I like it ^_^ and the frog helper is nice too thought his tip blub mostly flashs in annoying way... he talks too much :P but his cool so I pass this ^_^

I loved the idea and I think this game is very Innovative and I would realy want to see how you transform this small game into a master piece I surly would love to play it @_@ Good Job DUDE~! ^__^

Radix says ...

Difficulty is a bit variable (first time I played my dudes won without any interaction from me), but when it gets going it's great. One of my favourites so far.

SwiftFalcn says ...

Cool idea and the title screen is sweet.

localcoder says ...

I like! It looks good and it's fun to play. I think it's cool that you've got the essence of Dungeon Keeper even though it's very simple.

The only thing I didn't like was that I couldn't see how many gems a creature had until I switched to it, so sometimes I had lots of gems but didn't know.

Frogdog is great, as is the title screen and the variety of creatures.

(I am teaching myself ActionScript so I'll take a look at your source when I've finished rating games...)

gadlor says ...

The art and the music and controls basically all have the same retro feel, which lends itself to making the game coherent. The level could be longer...but that's really all!

nitram_cero says ...

Nice graphics, SFX and music. I liked the design.

I would have loved some harder levels.
The first two times I played the game "won by itself", with almost no input from myself.

jplur says ...

Oh frogdog!

Almost says ...

This is a really cool idea, but rather easy and short. An idea for difficulty/gamelength would be enemy has small castle near you, and then bigger stronger castle farther away, and bigger still and stronger still even farther.. etc.
Still, I really liked the game.

HybridMind says ...

I think if you gave more feedback on how one 'attacks' with the little creatures as well as what is the point of using each one that it would be a lot more fun. At this point it seems you can just sorta quickly run over to the enemy hut and mash attack and it dies and you win. Hopping into air helps eliminate sand burn during this attack too. I realize of course we all come up against the 48hr limit.. but in case you work on this further I think it has a lot of promise but as is it is entirely too easy to be much fun. I love the graphics and the music. I love the weird little creatures you've created and the happy advice giver creature. I just have found no need to ever take crystals back to the crystal center in its current balance. Definitely post if you have a new version and congrats on your first LD submission!

erik says ...

Neat stuff. I kept hitting c instinctively trying to jump. How the crystal was handled when switching between characters was a little confusing.

Endurion says ...

Neat. After running on enemy territory and getting killed at once I won without doing much on the second try.

I goblin rushed them ;)

With a bit of balancing and more levels this can make heaps of fun!

jovoc says ...

Nice. Controlling multiple minions was a bit confusion but it was a cool mechanic and fun once i got used to it. Great art, lots of personality to this game. It flickered a lot and sometimes the scrolling lost my place but overall very good. Great title screen as well.

Hempuli says ...

Really enjoyed this!

gimblll says ...

Was rather short and easy, over before I really even got the gameplay. Nice idea, I wish you'd have had the time to develop a little further.

Entar says ...

Really short, but cool. It's sort of a shame that the player spends more time running back and his minions fight automatically. Maybe figure out some way to switch that around.

noonat says ...

LOVE the art style and character proportions.

philomory says ...

This was actually a lot of fun! It does help that I loved dungeon keeper. My one major problem actually wasn't balance, it was that there was no way to get your guys to carry shards back for you other than to manually do it; they would never decide, 'hey, I've got a lot of crystals, maybe I should drop these off before I die or something.'

mklee says ...

I love fatbat so much.

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