Competition information for Ludum Dare 15, held August 28th-30th weekend in 2009.

The theme for Ludum Dare 15 was Caverns. Ludum Dare 15 had 144 entries.

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Historically speaking, this was our first competition with the brand new submission system, a rudimentary compo website redesign (with logo), as well as a keynote.

Stay tuned for Ludum Dare 16, coming December 2009.

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by Serilyn - Competition Entry

**EDIT - Updated link to version that fixes the crash bug and a large memory leak.

GoblinHome is about a goblin clan who set out to make a new home in a cave. They need to clear the cave of the existing denizens. Unfortunately the only denizens I had time to create are trolls. The original plan had intermittent adventurer attacks and things to build but that didn't happen in time either. The game is however, completable, for broad definitions of completable. Just kill all the trolls.

There are still a bunch of bugs and possibly memory leaks I didn't have time to fix, but nothing major.

Controls are in the readme and pop up in a window when you start the game.


Ogre3D (Graphics)
OIS (Input)

Photoshop CS3
Visual C++ 2008 Express

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Comments (archive)

Almost says ...

I like much the models/animations. Gameplay, however, is sadly slow paced. (slow walking speed, only able to select one unit at a time.. just makes things take too long to be cool)

mjau says ...

Would've been nice to be able to select groups of goblins .. though one goblin was enough to take down several trolls, so I just split up into four one-goblin groups going separate ways and ended up scrolling around a lot.

That's what I was doing when the game suddenly had a massive slowdown for no apparent reason, my view scrolled off the map into blackness, and the game crashed. Don't see anything enlightening in the log, sorry. This was on Windows 7, with the OpenGL renderer.

Kimau says ...

Kept crashing for me. Not playable.

gadlor says ...

being able to see some health indicator, as well as being able to select multiple goblins, would be good. the pacing needs sped up as well. you've got a solid basis for an interesting game here.

Osgeld says ...

health and group selection, then i could fiddle with this for a while

ExciteMike says ...

Nice models and animations! But it didn't really have much to see or any decisions for me to make except for which part of the cave to walk to next.

DrPetter says ...

I love the pose-off that occurs when you engage an enemy! They just kind of stand there, flexing their stuff, waiting for the other one to fall down and admit defeat. There's not much to it though, as a game. Yes, the mechanics of selection and path finding work, but beyond that you're just sitting there waiting for your guys to slowly pace across the room. Zooming was welcome in that you could see stuff happen up-close, but it acted weird and seemed centered around a point that wasn't visible on screen. It should zoom around a natural focal point like screen center.

Noyb says ...

Nice animation and model work, especially for the timeframe. They have character!

The cave generation and path finding seemed well done, though the caves were a bit too large for the movement speed.

I kept running into a bug where if one of my goblins came to rest on a dead enemy, I couldn't select him again.

Gameplay was a bit slow and free from choice/strategy, but you've got a nice baseline here.

jazmeister says ...

Didn't really enjoy this much. Wasn't clear right away that I couldn't tell a goblin to attack a troll directly (and why shouldn't i?) Far too little feedback. If the graphics had been half as good but more of the RTS creature comforts had been in place, you'd have held my interest for longer.

fydo says ...

Started it up (non-fullscreen mode) but all I get is a screen that says "Clear the cave to help the goblins find their home." I tried hitting buttons, but the only key that did anything was ESC.
I voted just for your community since I'm sure that's not the intended behaviour.
Maybe it has something to do with your GL drawing order? Shrug.

Endurion says ...

Starts promising.

In the end it's quite tedious to click all the single goblins and have them move on. Letting keys 1 to 4 choose the goblins would help quite a bit.
It looks like there's a bit of gameplay missing, a shame really.

badlydrawnrod says ...

It's a little slow paced yet a bit too quick to pan. I like the animations though, and the pathfinding is reasonable. Looking forward to your next LD entry.

greencow says ...

one of the few 3d games that runs on my old laptop. nice models and animation. moving camera at screen edge is frustrating, keyboard movement of camera is preferred.

HybridMind says ...

Nice 3d start to a game. As is there isn't much to keep me interested for long game play or pacing wise unfortunately. I did kill a few little blue cave trolls in anger though first. ;) Was there a way to zoom in like your screen shots? I really did like the 3d models you made!

Entar says ...

I agree with Almost, a bit slow.

philomory says ...

This really has the makings of an interesting game. The fact that you could even begin to construct an adventure rts in 48 hours, written in a low level language, is pretty impressive. I'll agree with other commenters that the game desperately needs a way to move multiple goblins at once. More content wouldn't hurt either.

The animations for the models were very nice, I will say.

ondrew says ...

Group selection and faster pace would make this game much better.

Really nice 3D.

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