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    Logo Contest 2011

    Hi, we’ve had various Ludum Dare logos over the years, but I think it’s time we got something new and shiny!

    So we’re doing a contest! Make your Ludum Dare logo and enter it. Be sure to include a link to a hi-res version of the logo. All logos submitted will be considered as public domain gifts to the community.

    The winner of the contest will get the honor of seeing the logo used to help promote Ludum Dare!

    The contest begins NOW and ends Jan 31th.

    (Judging will be decided somehow, probably a combination of public vote and what I like. We suggest linking to a 2000px wide image, or something like that. To make the logo useful, it should have transparency, so it can be placed on various types of backgrounds. If you want to enter multiple logos, just create an extra user account.)

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    LD dice - volando - Competition Entry

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    volando says ...
    Jan 31, 2011 @ 8:50pm



    tnelsond says ...
    Feb 1, 2011 @ 7:07pm

    I like it, it's very polished and simple. But it's hard to tell that the bottom right hand face is a clock; Perhaps a circle around the clock would help.

    drZool says ...
    Feb 1, 2011 @ 7:08pm

    This still has some work to be done to be perfect, but a good start. It might be a bit too complex for a logo. Try making an opaque colored dice. Remove the clock, it's only confusing, perhaps add 48

    dock says ...
    Feb 1, 2011 @ 8:46pm

    Really love this! Needs a cleaner treatment, perhaps with solids like the sketch, but I'm very happy to have the die/clock/LD combo!

    PsySal says ...
    Feb 2, 2011 @ 4:58am

    I think this is maybe my favorite design for a T-shirt, and one of my favorites overall. I originally put it down a couple notches for Website because of the form factor, but actually it would be easy to expand into a banner. I think if we have to have just one logo this would be my choice.

    jovoc says ...
    Feb 2, 2011 @ 6:18pm

    Very nice. I especially like the "transparent" version (though we might want to shift the palette to RGB instead of CMY to imply pixels not inks). I think we'd need a two-color line art version as well, but that could work.

    Feb 2, 2011 @ 8:07pm

    Unique and orginal! Good for an icon/logo, not so great for a website banner. Overall, very well done.

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