Theme Voting – Round 1 of 5

Ludum Dare 36 – August 2016

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    +10-1Total Votes
1.Ancient Technology5189383554201713
2.Beyond the Wall1687254225571704
3.One Enemy-156663606811707
5.Plan Then Execute-996013987001699
7.Harsh Environment-1765464327221700
8.Don’t Go Into the Light-1945763587701704
9.Rise to the Top-1955064887011695
10.Unexpected Combination-2165453887611694
13.It’s Not a Glitch it’s a Feature-2486082388561702
15.Treasure Hunt-2675253847921701
17.Mirror Worlds-3155113678261704
18.Switch Perspectives-3165153638311709
20.Wild Wild West-74532530410701699

How this works: Please rate each of these themes +1, 0, or -1. Once you are done, remember to click the “Vote!” button at the bottom of the page to record your votes.

Out of the 8000 themes you suggested, only 80 remain. These have been split into four voting rounds with 20 each. The fifth round will be the final round consisting of the highest scoring themes from rounds 1-4. The highest scoring theme in round 5 will be the theme for Ludum Dare 36.

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