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Frequently (or not so frequently) Asked Questions.

I am new to game making! How do I start?

Check out:

I am new to Ludum Dare! How do I enter?

Easy. Just create an account, make your game, and submit it before the deadline. That’s it.

Submissions open shortly after an event starts. You’ll need a place to host your download(s). Here are some suggestions:

Take a look at The Rules for more details. If you don’t feel like reading, then you want to participate in the Jam. Start your game at the start, finish your game by the deadline, and submit it. If you use any art/audio you didn’t create (or created before the event), then click the little checkboxes that say “I opt-out of Graphics” or “I opt-opt of Audio”, depending on what you used. Done!

After Ludum Dare, everyone gets to play and rate other people’s games. For some, this is the best part of Ludum Dare. If you want to get feedback on your game, or to ultimately place in our Final Results, you need people to play your game. The easiest way to do that is to play and rate other games. Every time you do, you get a Coolness Point. The more points you get, the easier it is for people to find you. If you leave good feedback, that’s worth Bonus Coolness Points. Be sure to +1 good comments you see.

Talking about you, your team, your tools before the event is completely optional, but it’s fun. Also talking about your game as you make it, posting WIP screenshots/GIFs, is optional but really great to look back on after you’ve finished.

More fun things: Creating a timelapse video of your development. Live Streaming your development.

I want to talk with other developers. I need a question answered right away!!1

Join our IRC chat:…/irc/

#ludumdare on

I still have a question, and IRC can’t help!

Create an account (if you haven’t already):…?action=register

Post your question here on the website:…/post-new.php


Responses can take a few hours.

I have a suggestion for the website

Leave a comment here:…/fast-feedback/

I need to get in touch with Mike (PoV) for something

Contact Mike:…/contact/

I missed the event! How do can I get notified/reminded of the next one?

Sign up for the Mailing List:…/ludum-dare-mailing-list/

Follow Ludum Dare on Twitter:

I want to live-stream development! How do I appear in the widget?


Set your game to “Ludum Dare” (or include “Ludum Dare” in your title/description on Youtube).

For details how to set up a stream, see the Streaming FAQ:…/streaming-faq/

How do I create a Timelapse Video?

See the Timelapse FAQ for details.

Why does everybody keep saying “I’m in”?

Because they’re excited. 😀

Unfortunately due to spam, we have to moderate posts by new authors. “I’m in” posts let us know you’re a real human being. Plus it’s a chance to try out posting and other site features.

There’s also a long-standing bug in the website: Your user page doesn’t exist until you make a post. It’s technically a bug, one we could fix, but I’m sure we’re also avoiding user-page spammer abuse this way.

FYI: Posting a message titled “ghghghghghgh” isn’t enough for us to know if you’re human. I delete these. Sorry. :)

What is “Clock Error”?

“Clock Error” means your systems timezone is incorrect. You should probably fix that. :)

What twitter hashtags are supported by the website?

We highly recommend you use #LDJAM, or some variation of it (#LDjam, #LDJam, etc…) whenever you talk about Ludum Dare. Jam, Compo, MiniLD or October Challenge, doesn’t matter. We still recommend you use #LDJAM.

That said, any of the following hashtags will be detected by the website.

  • #LDJAM (Recommended)
  • #LDCompo
  • #LDtv
  • #LD48 (legacy)
  • #LD72
  • #LudumDare
  • #LDGame
  • #MiniLD
  • #LDJelly
  • #LDKittens
  • #LDPotato
  • #towlr

I’m a moderator of the website or IRC, and I forget where that page with the info is

It’s over here.

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