Ludum Dare 31
December 5th-8th, 2014

Donations and Finances

Ludum Dare is run and supported by the community.

Donations: $18537.77 USD Expenses: $7696.69 USD
FUNDS: $10841.08 USD
Lifetime donations to LD. Paypal fees and taxes paid are not factored in.


Estimated yearly hosting cost: $2900 USD
Expenses last updated: Nov 21, 2014

Latest Donations and Contributions

1.Jezzamon $20.00 USD Nov 21, 2014
2.joekinley $50.00 USD Nov 20, 2014
3.Purple Apes $2.00 USD Nov 20, 2014
4.jthistle $5.00 USD Nov 9, 2014
5.Ron74_ $1.00 USD Nov 6, 2014
6.Anonymous $10.00 USD Oct 29, 2014
7.Elias Farhan $10.00 USD Oct 27, 2014
8.Anonymous $10.00 USD Oct 21, 2014
9.gfmgamecorner $25.00 USD Oct 9, 2014
10.Chris $50.00 USD Oct 9, 2014

Highest Donations (last 6 months)

1.@iossif$300.00 USD Sep 27, 2014
2.SimonCarless$250.00 USD Sep 16, 2014
3.NeiloGD$200.00 USD Sep 1, 2014
4.Cosmologicon$200.00 USD Sep 16, 2014$150.00 USD Aug 19, 2014
6.Frozen Fractal$100.00 USD Sep 16, 2014
7.mrexcessive$100.00 USD Sep 16, 2014
8.dddaaannn$100.00 USD Sep 16, 2014
9.Will$50.00 USD Sep 27, 2014
10.Jimmy S$50.00 USD Sep 28, 2014

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Mike Kasprzak (PoV) is managing the finances and taking donations on behalf of Ludum Dare.

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