Learn how David S. Gallant made a game and lost his job here.

The following are a collection of games inspired by the Canadian Revenue Agency, created on or around February 2nd-3rd weekend.

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by Finnegan2100 - CRA Jam Entry

In the year 2013 laws were enforced banning indie video games completely.

You play Davis S. Garland, a renegade indie game maker who was sentenced to 20 years of hard labor for (gasp) MAKING A GAME about his job.

Following Apple's disgraceful downfall in 2033, Flash quickly became the standard not only for web video, but for entire operating systems, browsers, online sales, holograms, refrigerators, lava lamps and bachelor parties.

After years of imprisonment, Davis has decided to use his Flash powers to STRIKE BACK and save all indie gamers from the scourge of the evil CRA, a gigantic CROW heading the censorship committee.

Here is that battle...

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