The October Challenge is a regular special event where we challenge everyone to:

Finish a game — Take it to market — Earn $1

Disregard all the usual Ludum Dare rules! Take any project, even one you’ve been work on outside of Ludum Dare, and use the month of October to launch it somewhere that will earn you money. Again, there are no restrictions here. Work solo or in a team, a game from a non Ludum Dare event (even one months or years old), etc. Whatever you’re thinking is probably totally okay (short of copyright infringement). You don’t have to earn your $1 during the month of October, but rather do everything you can to able to receive it (Submit it, do paperwork, etc). And you are definitely allowed to earn more than $1.

Generally speaking, the point of the challenge is to extend the inspirational game jam deadline beyond 2-3 day minigames to developers working on longer form independent games. The hope is, like a Ludum Dare event where thousands of people finish games, many take the next big step of publishing and selling a game. Even at $1, there is so much to learn by just reaching it.

The Staff behind Ludum Dare are all full time independent developers, so after running the event for the 10+ years we have, the Challenge is something we run to keep things relevant for us as well. An amusing point we like to make: Once you’ve earned money for doing something, you’re a professional. It’s yet another way for us to give back.

* * *

Paired up with the typical Ludum Dare announcement is usually a Resources and Opportunities post. This post is a current list of known contests, platforms, marketplaces, upcoming launch dates, and notable opportunities.


Companies interested in being part of the list are encouraged to get in touch with Mike Kasprzak (@mikekasprzak, and e-mail).

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