Ludum Dare 36
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Ancient Technology

LD36 has ended!
Well done to everyone who took part.
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Are we really sure to give up on the ranking system for this LD?

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Friday, July 22nd, 2016 4:31 pm

I know there’s been a poll but I don’t think we fully discussed it outside the context of “Let’s make PoV happy/give him a break”.

After all, WE ARE doing a Ludum Dare and it’s also WITHOUT his participation. We are the ones who are going to deal with PoV’s choices and making LD on our own. (nothing mean spirited)

There IS to consider, there IS the old ranking system, there ARE options.

Yes I know we already voted this thing – but perhaps we rushed on the decision?

* The importance of the voting system *

I mean – what has driven LD and it’s amazing feedback? We are being naive if we think that the voting system has no value here. It’s the voting system that complements the social perception of what is an entry in Ludum Dare, how good is it, and in turn – giving attention to those who stand out. Isn’t it a huge part of this? Why do people even bother to give feedback? Yes, some people are nice and give comments but honestly the rankings are a promising part of the incentive to do so.

The coolness system, the ranking comitment – you have to rank to get ranked, and rank about 20 for the ranking to be vast and informative enough to calculate the final rating of each entry as a “fair” feedback. You have the responsibility and personal interest to do so.

Yes, your prize is your product, but without feedback doing it together as a part of a jam is almost meaningless.

I mean, do it in your free time. It’s the same – you still have your product. There’s no particular reason for doing it while tons of others are doing it as well. It’s actually pretty inconvenient.

I mean – I hear that the system isn’t really working well, and that the new site should be the representitive of Ludum Dare and so on… but if so far people didn’t notice. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be that bad to have it just once more working.

So once again – are we sure we want to make this Ludum Dare without the rankings?

Must we really prevent the use of it in all costs?

(I believe there IS time to change this!)

Eda – demo available!

Posted by (twitter: @alpha_rats)
Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 12:58 pm




After some time spent reworking the prototype made for the LD33, the demo of my bonsai-growing game Eda is out!
I warmly recommend the desktop version, the game not being optimized for web.


> Play/Download through GameJolt

> Play/Download through


Thanks again to the Ludum Dare community for all the feedback and advice during the earlier development stages of the game.

I hope you’ll enjoy the experience!

My first attempt at a party game!

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Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 9:35 pm

I’ve been having trouble finishing projects lately so I decided to do something simple. I made a small two player party game called SmackDown which blends platforming mechanics with competitive play. I would highly recommend grabbing a friend and giving this game a whirl! It’s a really simple concept but I got some good learning out of it so i’m grateful, if you have any advise/criticism I would love to hear it. Cheers!

SMACKDOWN screenshot1

GameJolt Page


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Saturday, July 2nd, 2016 11:59 am

Well I read the FAQ, and the rules. The only sad part is that the next event is so far away! While I’m here, I might as well introduce myself. Hi, I’m Thomas Davis, beginner game designer and I’M GOING TO WIN THIS COMPETITION! Of course, I still have to learn some more about game creation. It seems I am going to have to amp up my programming knowledge in order to win!

I never know how to start these kinds of posts, so I’m going to skip any kind of “Hi, I’m new” introduction and ask what I’ve been wondering. What programming language should I use for LDs?

I’ve heard that C++’s capabilities are best for 3D games, but say I just wanted to make a simple 2D platformer for my first LD. Does programming language still matter? I’m fairly experienced in both Java and C++. I also know some Python.

Lastly, is there any other kind of general advice you could give for a newcomer? Looking through posts from old LDs, the rules page and the list of tools all give me feelings on how all this works, but if anyone could give me tips on how making an LD game is actually done would be awesome too.

Thanks in advance!

I release a prototype !

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Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 4:35 pm

Hi guys. I was working with Typescript and Phaser in a prototype. At the beggining I just wanted to create a little thing to train me with Typescript, and I fell in love. So, i prototyped a little game, and I think i’m gonna create a full version of this, bigger, with new features and game modes.
Can you give me your feelings about it ? Is it a good idea ?
Thank you :) !


Obstruction, a game by Toasted Games!

Posted by (twitter: @ToastedGames)
Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 7:17 pm

Hey all, my name is Ben and I’m a member of a team of three friends that we call Toasted Games! If you haven’t heard about us before, here’s our info. Anyway, the reason I made this post was because I made a huge post on our website about my personal creation, Obstruction! Obstruction is a game about creating courses and maneuvering through them, and sharing those courses with your friends! The game will likely be released this year, and we’d love it if you could check it out. If you’re interested, start by reading the post I just made!


We hope to see you around! ^_^

  • Ben

MusicWeeklies! Come Make Music With Us!

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Tuesday, June 21st, 2016 8:49 pm

I have done 9 LDs now, and I LOVE the Ludum Dare Community. So I was wondering if you could help me get this out there…

I’m starting something new on Twitter. It’s called: MusicWeeklies. We make music every week. New themes weekly. Want to have 25 Original Pieces of Music by the end of the year? Then come join me! Down the road I will be holding competitions and giving out prizes. If you know anyone that would be interested, tell them to follow @MusicWeeklies on Twitter. Be sure to check out our website for the theme announcement, and other information: Come and join us! 😀


First post

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Thursday, June 9th, 2016 4:16 pm

Testing Testing One Two

  • Three

 We’re looking for more feedback on the Unity 5.4 beta, and, as a little incentive and token of our appreciation, we’re giving away one hundred $100 Asset Store vouchers. If you submit (or have already submitted) a valid Unity 5.4 beta bug report with a solid description and an attached project, you’ll automatically be entered in the sweepstake.

Quote ^

They seem really confident that there software is very stable if there giving out $100 value for a bug.


Terms and Conditions

Pre Calculus 10…

Posted by (twitter: @ToastedGames)
Friday, May 27th, 2016 11:36 am

PreCalculus’ symbols really grind my gears sometimes…

This image shows my course telling me that '||' means parallel lines.


Oh I get it.

if (!place_meeting(obj_collision) || keyboard_check(ord('P')))

means if you’re not meeting collision AND IT’S PARALLEL TO THE ‘P’ KEY ON YOUR KEYBOARD.


Snakeship, a documentary.

Posted by (twitter: @ToastedGames)
Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 8:13 pm

Nah, just kidding! But really, this is a video that we made to show off what we’ve done since yesterday. Hope you like it!

YOUTUBE   |   TWITCH (Streaming GameDev!)   |   WEBSITE   |   TWITTER

Chromaestro on iOS

Posted by (twitter: @AgentParsec)
Friday, April 29th, 2016 2:51 pm

I finally released “Chromaestro” for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) last week.  Those of you who enjoy my music in my Ludum Dare entries, check it out!


Chromaestro Lite (free)

A fun puzzle game, featuring Chromie the cat! Connect Green Gems to score points; the longer the path, the more points you earn. Red Gems will block your path and can create pits, while Blue Gems will restore tiles and give you a bonus. The positions of the gems will create music as you play the game!

Trailer from last year (graphics are very slightly modified, but the gameplay is still the same):

Soulshifter Post-Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @ToastedGames)
Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 11:44 am

(I had to look up what “Post-Mortem” meant because I was so confused at all the blog posts with it in the title. You better be grateful!)

Soulshifter is a game about killing enemies and stealing their forms (sounds morbid, I know). The enemies come in waves out of portals, and you must survive a set amount of waves (based on difficulty) to win. But that’s not all Soulshifter is. Soulshifter is a game about competition, about teamwork, about challenges, and about new experiences.

Me, Erik and Justin worked harder on Soulshifter than on any other game we’ve ever made. I programmed things that I had no clue how to program before we started. Justin made fantastic art in a style he had never tried before we started. Erik learned he was a way better musician than he ever thought he was before we started. We learned that we were a better team than we thought we would be before we started. Soulshifter, and by extension, Ludum Dare did and meant so much more to us than we ever thought it would.

Of course, we didn’t get everything we wanted into the game, but when has anyone ever began a Ludum Dare and finished with everything he wanted originally plus all the things he thought up along the way? We got a game we were happy with in the end, a solid base that could, and will be easily expanded in the future. We got a game that we were proud of, too.

The feedback we’ve gotten has been so wonderful, and everyone  has been so nice. We honestly can’t thank you all enough. Even if you left us a bad score, you will have shown us what we need to improve on next time, and we’re just as grateful to you too. We’ve had so much fun playing other people’s games, also, and it’s just made us feel even stronger that Ludum Dare is a great community of people that we want to meet and compete with every single time it runs.

TL;DR: (What a nasty word, how about this:) To summarize, our time last weekend and the following days after was amazing, we all enjoyed the competition, and all of you, the community. We’re happy with what our game became, and you’ll definitely see us next year. Happy game design,

– Ben, and everyone else at Toasted Games.

Simple UI/GUI App creator [ Random Game Development Question ]

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Thursday, April 21st, 2016 5:05 pm

Hello :) ! So my game uses a lot of buttons and other UI features. However I’m not such a good artist when I try using a editor the Images sometimes come out too small or to outlined or the words aren’t aligned correctly.  So I’m searching for a program which you can download and create button, banners, icons, logos etc.  All these can be created simply by filping the switches. The closest thing I found to what I was looking for is Kenney Studio. Kenney says he plans to add in the feature but I don’t know how long it will take (  Of course their are a few online programs but I have no clue where these people are getting their resources and are  they legal or not. So I continue my search, any suggestion ?

Maze Runner – Play, Rate, Review!

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Monday, April 18th, 2016 11:58 am

Maze Runner



Check it out! Go on,  do it.


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