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My First MiniLD70

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Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 8:41 am

Search Treasur In The Cave My Entry For This MiniLD70 ,This Game Is Intended For All People Of Any Age , You Can Play This Game On Windows Or Linux And Also On Android.The Aim Of This Game Is To Discover The Treasure,Follow The Arrows Drawing On the wall To Direct You To The Aim…ENJOY!!! Thanks all.

My Page For Game :

1 2 3 4


My Page For Game :

Bug Fixed

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 6:47 pm

One Two Three Three


My Video Youtube :

In This Video you Find The Link To Download This Game And The Video Gameplay..


Thanks All…

My First Ludum Dare Compo

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Monday, August 29th, 2016 9:43 am

One Two Three Three

The Game Is Intended For All People . You Can Play This Game On Windows Or Linux Or Android…

For Your Comments And Points :

Download Link :


Thanks All..

Project: Wheatgrinder Enters Public Beta

Posted by (twitter: @oldtopman)
Monday, April 22nd, 2013 10:49 pm


I am proud to announce to the Ludum Dare community that I have finished my entry in the 2011 October Challenge.

The game is “Project: Wheatgrinder” and can be had for the unbelievable price of $2 here!

LD offspring Clone Wolf featured in IUP bundle

Posted by (twitter: @jarnik)
Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 1:24 am

Hey LD, I’d like to share my moment of happiness / minor success story.

Clone Wolf began as my LD20 entry. Thanks to October Challenge 2011, I was able to develop it into a full game and release it on Desura, Indievania and Indiecity. Being the first game I was able to finish and release for purchase, it has been a kind of a personal milestone.

And now, thanks to awesome guys from, Clone Wolf has been featured in IUP bundle. The bundle has launched a few days ago, you can get 5 indie games ( Tesla: The Weather Man, Drains, Ichi, Clone Wolf, 48 chambers ) for $3.99 (including some bonus materials) – get it here.

So, Ludum Dare, thanks again for giving me the right kick to start developing games and introducing me to this awesomely crazy bunch of people who all the LD participants are!

My October Challenge 2011 game is finally done! I guess I took longer than a month to finish it :)

Anyway, check it out :)

If you want to know the whole dev history (how it took 4 game jams to make this game :) You can check out my dev blog.

Anyway, have fun!

Ahoy there, you might recall my October Challenge game “Anathema Mines” which is a remake of an old LD#6 entry.

I’ve written a blog post about the original LD#6 entry. The re-make I was doing in October is coming out in mid-May, you can see the trailer here.


My (slightly delayed) October-Challenge-Game

Posted by (twitter: @IcarusTyler)
Saturday, December 31st, 2011 2:47 am

Hi there,

A while ago the October-Challenge was held. It went over the entire month, with the simple rule “make 1$ with a game.”

I planned to enter this game, but unfortunately the port wasn’t ready in time. So now, with a slight (and very miniscule) delay I present my iPhone-game!


Unstoppaball DX is a marble-style puzzler, in which you roll a ball (by tilting the iPhone, no less) through 30 varied levels.

Check out the trailer if you’d like to know more.

Also features a new soundtrack and ball-customization, with 36 balls available.

It’s now up on iTunes. Some say it might be the Best Game Ever. (it’s not) (it’s still fun, though :-) )


XMas fall

Posted by (twitter: @floriaen)
Saturday, December 24th, 2011 1:49 pm

I made a xmas theme too for my LD48 entry game.
Check it out:

Anathema Mines: Now In Beta!

Posted by (twitter: @philhassey)
Friday, December 9th, 2011 2:23 pm

Hey … my October Challenge game is making real progress!

Here’s the deal: I’m using Steam to distribute the beta, so you need a Steam key. I only have a limited number of those, so first come first serve. Get a beta key here. They only work for Windows right now, so if you’re a mac guy like me .. well, you’ll have to wait (or run it under VMWare or something. It works fine that way as well.)

I’m totally looking for any and all feedback you can provide, the game even includes a chat-window that probably won’t be in the final game but is in the beta so that you can chat with me / other players / or just complain about bugs / give suggestions. All the chat is logged so I can review it later :)

Thanks a ton! This October Challenge has been great (even if it’s lagging into December now ..) TBH I think this game will be done in maybe 2-3 months. But it’s been fun!


P.S. If anyone knows a musician who can do good “sneaking around in caves” type music, I’d love to hear about it. Post a link in the comments to their portfolio.

(I’ve already got an artist lined up to help me with adding a bit of sparkle to the logo / icons / menus / etc.)

The Anathema Mini-Map

Posted by (twitter: @philhassey)
Monday, November 28th, 2011 7:07 pm

Originally I had a pretty ugly colored-pixel-per-tile minimap. Some of my alpha testers protested, so I made it look a ton better.

The mini map only displays areas you have already seen. More or less.

I might try and get a beta going pretty soon here … hopefully that comes together!


GACK is finally on sale and made 1$

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Friday, November 25th, 2011 6:06 am

I miserably failed the October challenge 2011. Mainly because I wanted to polish the release version a bit and add some website and example games.
But! I finally made it. You can get the GACK (Gaming App Construction Kit) now for your touchpad (HP, WebOS) or any Android Tablet that has a 1024×768 screen at least.

I sold already 10 pieces. Here’s a link to promo codes for the Touchpad:

Disco Dancin’ in the Anathema Mines

Posted by (twitter: @philhassey)
Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 8:20 pm


It’s been a few weeks .. but I’ve been working away on my Anathema Mines (and also getting my crazy Chickon game released!) Here’s a screenie for ya:


So, yeah, for the real levels I might just have to be a bit more miserly with my laser placement so things don’t start to look silly 😉


On the 32nd of October – Count your time !

Posted by (twitter: @FredericRP)
Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 12:53 pm

Okay, even if October had some more days, the ski camp wouldn’t be opened on the 34th of October, as a little polish takes way too much time ! But it was really fun and the game is already enjoyed by all the beta testers we got, so we released it online and will continue ! For the next Ludum Dare, or any project if you want too, I made a count down window that you can display right within Unity (of course, that assumes you use Unity). Between wolves and timer, the post continues here after… (more…)

I failed…

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Monday, November 14th, 2011 8:41 am

I failed the challenge, I wasn’t able to get $ 1 USD out of Escaparazzi during october, the “get the app into the appstore process” is too damn long, and I feel that I have not finished the game yet, but…

I got a 100000% of that during november . 

I entered my game to WorldMakers (the first Chilean game development competition), achieving the second place, so I won:

  • A Samsung Galaxy 5 I5500 phone. These are pretty inexpensive, but hey, free phone 😀
  • Any course I choose to take at Academia MacPC Crossmedia Training Center (I’ll take UDK programming, with a developer from Ace Team). These cost around $ 1000 USD
  • An Internship at Behaviour. Priceless

I’m so happy I could explode.

October Challenge – Failed

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Thursday, November 10th, 2011 1:37 am

Yes, I failed miserably because I had to fix some issues in GLBasic that took too much time.
But!! The thing is done. I’m just updating a few example games now and release before x-mas. Here’s a trailer for the complete package:
GACK – gaming app construction kit

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