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    About fishbrain

    I am a lover of limitless creative freedom, and tightly restrained logic.

    Born 1969. Nurtured by BBC micro, VIC 20 and Commodore 64. BASIC. 6502/6510/8088 Assembly. Amiga.


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    Thanks Ludum Dare!

    Posted by
    Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 11:35 pm

    Back in February, I took part in my first (mini) Ludum Dare. I created a game called “fishslap” which I was quite happy with. Simple, entertaining and fun… that was my philosophy.

    Here’s a screenshot of the original version:













    Here’s the link to the MiniLD-24 entry:


    I spent the next few months reworking an ActionScript3 version, then an ActionScript3 mobile version – but I found that when I compiled it to iPhone performance was not good! In the end, I came up with something “acceptable”, but every single line of code, every graphic, every effect had to be painfully scrutinised in order to get a reasonable frame-rate.

    So I bit the bullet… purchased a cheap Mac, and got into Corona SDK. Corona SDK is highly recommended! The language, Lua, has a lot of similarities to ActionScript… and performance is BLITZING!

    Just a couple of days ago my final, and by far best version, of fishslap was accepted into the (Apple) App Store! WOOHOOOO! :)

    Check it out…. there is a FREE version and a cheap .99c version.

    Here’s some screen shots:
































    Here’s a youtube link:


    iTunes Link:


    My website Link:


    I still find it amazing that this game originally appeared from 48 hours work, with such competition limitations as “2 colours”, “1 button”, “fishing” and “reverse”(?) . This made me think of fishing, but from the fishes point of view. It motivated me to save up for equipment and software and get into mobile development, which (early days) I’m loving!

    Hoping to be a part of LD21 :)


    Thanks Ludumites!,



    So much fish

    Posted by
    Sunday, February 13th, 2011 11:08 am

    fishbrain (alias “fishcake games”) presents “fishslap” (for MiniLD#24)… yes, it’s all rather “fishy”

    I had great fun developing this, and found it quite addictive during play testing.

    I’m new to LD, and this is my first LD entry. It’s always interesting how games evolve, and develop organically. There is beautiful feedback between the idea and the actual implementation of the idea – each changes the other.

    …I’m keen on seeing all the MiniLD entries!


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