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Cuzco’s Goat Bloat Game

Posted by (twitter: @philhassey)
Monday, November 26th, 2007 9:06 am

Cuzco’s Goat Bloat Game was my first LD entry. I was pretty amazed that I was able to make a whole game in 48 hours. This game got me hooked on game compos for life :) My fiddling skills were pretty weak at the time, so I had to speed up the music in Audacity so it wouldn’t sound like a dirge. I had fun with the goat AI – it’s pretty realistic. (Goats don’t like water, they climb on rocks, and when you chase them they run everywhere!) Since it was my first compo entry, my “fun” rating was rather low – I didn’t take enough time to balance the levels. Also, the coloring of the goats makes them look like bees, oops!



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