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Jonny D says ...

I like the method of attack. I do not like those seemingly invincible chickadees one bit... Except that they're cute.

Tenoch says ...

Interesting concept and cute graphics. Would have deserved more polish though.

Radix says ...

I quite like this. I wish the little bastards would stop hugging the walls and jumping in front of my face.
I found it's possible to kill yourself by tapping a direction then tapping back towards your body in the same tick.

Doches says ...

When I loaded this I thought: argh, snake. But then it wasn't, not really. Instead, it was cute, and fun for a while. My biggest complaint is the incredibly long delay between ticks...

agj says ...

Nice twist, though it was a bit frustrating; I kept crashing against the 'chicks', as their movement was erratic.

Endurion says ...

Cute take on Snake. Needs sounds desperately.

dessgeega says ...

i like what ringing targets adds to the traditional snake game, but it's frustrating when enemies are up against the wall and you have to wait for them to meander back to the center. plus it draws attention to the fact that if the enemies were smart, they'd just stick to the walls, and then the game would be unwinnable.

my solution would be to allow wally to form closed rings with the outer wall.

i do like the way the game logs keypresses between turns, using wally's eyes to indicate where he's going to move.

SethR says ...

This is a neat game play experiment for 5 hours of work. If you end up polishing it up, I'd suggest letting the player use water tiles when trapping enemies... would help for when they get stuck in a corner.

DrPetter says ...

Level 3, 136 points. I could have gone on but started taking too many chances and got bit by an enemy moving in front of me. Gameplay got a little bit boring after a while due to relatively slow movement. Idea was fun though, and worked well in other respects.

Draknek says ...

A nice variation on Snake. Went too slow to be particularly fun, but a good concept.

Entar says ...

Not bad, a little hard (since you risk running into yourself to make a box), but fun. It's kind of a pain when the enemies stick near the walls so you can't surround them.

nilsf says ...

Loved the pixelated graphics. Sometimes you can die if you try to U-turn and hit the keys too fast which is quite annoying.

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Wally the Wall – Final

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 4:55 pm

So I decided to enter this competition with 5 hours left to finish

It is not a game of pretentions it is merely an experiment




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