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Covenant says ...

Quite fun, albeit short...
Graphic style is awesome!

rogual says ...

The character looks a bit like Link, so I assumed the flying thing was my helper fairy, until it murdered me.

After that, I had a lot of fun. Graphics and music are both great. In fact this is the best music in an entry I've heard so far. It might even have kept me playing when I would have given up on some of the harder levels :)

Doches says ...

Nice graphics, nice music (though again, I'm not going to factor that into the rating. Rules is rules). Controls felt a tad wonky, but that's probably just me -- I'm picky about how gravity should work in platformers. Nicely polished entry.

Hamumu says ...

The #1 rule in LD, in fact the entire REASON for the contest, is that you create everything in the game yourself (during the weekend)! I'm giving you a 1 for sound, out of fear that the powers that be will forget to DQ you from that category, and others will give you high scores for the nice music you didn't make.

So, back to the actual game, it looks like you made the same game I did! Yours is a lot more polished of course... the hugely tall jumps are pretty obnoxious, but it all works pretty well, even if I have no idea what the ending means.

lucasshrew says ...

I like the music...it is very zen (but Hamumu is right, so i will judge you for the rest of the game).
The game is nice, very polished but too short... and i hate that flying thing in the second level...

5parrowhawk says ...

I really like the art. The game itself is fairly standard, but the graphics and level of polish are very nice.

Endurion says ...

Looks nice and plays well. Although that fairy thingy looks like a friend first :)

georgek says ...

Extinguishing all the lights was interesting, and the game has a great looking character and backgrounds. The music didn't feel that in tune thematically with the rest of the game, and the jumping felt too floaty, though. Also a bigger window/view would be great for this.

YourNakedUncle says ...

Dinging you for the music as well.

Nice polished little game though, liked the little gameplay twist to complete the final level.

sowbug says ...

"I assumed the flying thing was my helper fairy, until it murdered me." haha!

It's very hard to judge this game without the music, because the music helped the game make a great first impression -- dark, mysterious, fun but dangerous, etc.

But if I purge my memory and replay the game with the speakers off..... it's nicely polished, and far above the rest of the pack in terms of artwork. Gravity needs some adjustment; the player seems to fall more slowly than that aqua fly thing does.

The first level irritated me when I finally figured out the platforms were irrelevant.

Deepflame says ...

Nice music! I also liked that I had infinite retries. I had some failing on the second level (Damn bird ghost thing!) and the last level (That platform is actually 3 platforms, as I discovered through blocking it. :P)

HybridMind says ...

Enjoyed playing this. Basic concept and quite fun. The wall of doom was quite sparkly. It seems a little odd to be snuffing the torches with my body in order to open the door but hey.. why not?

Liked the various drawings you did for the cut scenes, titles and endings.

I was wondering about the music as I liked it.. but I see you say you got that from somewhere else.. ah, too bad.

Like the wrapper of this game style wise, the color choices and graphics are nice.

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Darkness Game

Posted by
Monday, April 20th, 2009 8:28 am


The forces of light have killed your master, you have to go to the inner Sanctum to revive him!

The music can be found here:


The game runs in fullscreen, at 1024X320 . After multiple attempts, I still can’t get this image to appear in 1024X320, so I give up.  PICTURE IN CORRECT RESOLUTION:


EDIT:  This post was made on time.  It would have been up sooner but I’m new to the word press system, and didn’t realize you have to hit “Publish” Instead of just save.

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