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5parrowhawk says ...

This was the first entry I played. I like the little tile graphics, and the game overall is pretty fun for a short while. Only thing is, it's really irritating when it puts a pit in a corridor bend.

It would be nice if the advancing wall followed the corridors rather than just moving indiscriminately, though.

callidus says ...

some irritating things here as mentioned by others, however a nicely polished game.

LoneStranger says ...

Took me awhile to figure out that I needed num lock on in order to jump, but I think the game is interesting and the theme is well done.

Tenoch says ...

Nicely polished, but maybe a bit hard. Couldn't find a good way to balance going a away and saving energy. Plus, it's a real labyrinth there.

codekitchen says ...

I enjoyed this, the mechanics are simple without being too simple. The graphics are fun. I'll admit I didn't play through to beating it, but I can see this being expanded into a larger game.

When there are a few enemies on the screen it can be really annoying to wait for them to move, maybe they should move faster? Also I desperately needed a way to pull up the controls again after dismissing them in the beginning.

Covenant says ...

It was fun, I like the turn base nature of it... Good job!

Hempuli says ...

The game was well-done, but I found it a bit boring. There were also some pretty annoying problems with the player changing his direction.

skalle says ...

It was quite fun, but hard. I spotted a number of bugs, one of them was that I needed to refresh the page after dying to play again (firefox in ubuntu). The oddest bug was when suddenly, the guy fell away from his shadow, down from the screen! I thought at first this was some strange trap, but the guy kept moving down after leaving the screen while the shadow remained where he had stood.

HybridMind says ...

This game was a LOT of fun for me. I will definitely check out the improving version you posted because I want to play some more and I did run into a few bugs it seemed that you have probably fixed. I found the idea to be simple yet very fun. I see there are issues with the compo version on procedurally generating 'fair' levels. I often would get dead ended without appropriate amounts of bombs and the doom wall would get me. I like the rogue like feel with the average graphics. It had a lot of nice touches like the combat system and the walking/running/resting was neat. It made me laugh to watch the guy run/hop over pits and also made me laugh to see the bad guys fall in the pits. Nice work!

Endurion says ...

Despite a few bugs in the compo version a very nice game.
The labyrinth seems to be quite big. I hope there are no dead ends later on (i had one near the start with a hole in a corner)

Wiering says ...

I couldn't figure out what keys to use. From the instructions it looked like the keys on the numeric pad, but other than the arrows, nothing worked. I tried lots of other keys and some seemed to do something (like shift) but still pretty much unplayable. I'd look at the source to see what keys are used but there was no source...

jlnr says ...

I love the concept, and it's pretty polished. I think it could be tuned for usability though: walking is a bit tedious, and feeling obligued to remember a paragraph of instructions upfront wasn't inviting. Probably the entry I spent most time with :)

noonat says ...

Great game... I think I spent more time playing this than anything else. I would give it a five if not for the bugs in the compo version. The post compo version feels way better, although the movement still feels weird (is it making me wait while all the other monsters move?).

nilsf says ...

Very cool!
One of my favorites. I found waiting for the monsters to move slowed the game down though.

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TD@tEotT strategy and spoilers

Posted by
Monday, April 20th, 2009 9:35 am

I’ve fixed some bugs in my game, and posted a strategy guide/spoiler sheet for it on my blog. The link provided in my final post still goes to the Ludum Dare version, bugs and all, but if anyone likes the game, has already voted on the official version, and wants to play an ever-improving, less buggy version of it, it’s at:


The blog post with better explanations of how everything works is at http://www.benefactum.ca/wordpress/

TD@tEotT… How’s that for an ugly acronym, incidentally?

Dire straits...

The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 6:55 pm

You, the lone hero, have arrived just too late to stop the evil wizard from opening a gate to the shadow realm. Plan B involves running like hell.

Download here

Or play online here

First screenshot

Posted by
Friday, April 17th, 2009 10:00 pm

No level generation yet… just displaying the tiles that will be used.

First screenshot

The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

Posted by
Friday, April 17th, 2009 8:36 pm

The theme is not what I was hoping for – I was one of the people pulling for Rain, myself. However, knowing that AWoD had a high probability of being picked, I spent the hour leading up to the announcement brainstorming for an idea. What I ended up coming up with is a sort of tactical maze game with Roguelike-like aspects (yes, it’s like games that are like Rogue… so not really that much like Rogue itself).

The premise is that you, the hero, have arrived too late to stop the evil wizard/demon/whatever from opening a gate to the Plane of Shadows. You’re now trying to escape the dungeon, with a billowing wall of shadows hot on your heels. If you can get out before being caught by it, you can seal the doors of the dungeon behind you, and thereby – one hopes – save the world from being doomed to eternal night.

Unlike most Roguelikes, you don’t have any equipment, except potions, and no hit points, just energy. You can walk around at normal speed without using energy, or you can run at double speed, but using up energy as you go. Moving through water and jumping over pits also uses energy, as does battling monsters. You regenerate energy very slowly as you walk around, or much more quickly by standing still. You can also pick up potions that restore your energy completely.

The dungeon gets harder to navigate as you go along, as there are more and more dead ends, and less paths to lead you closer to the exit. Fortunately, you can also find torches in sconces on the wall. Moving through one will light it, which will delay the wall of shadows a little bit when it reaches the torch.

And that’s all I have planned now. I think that’s enough to keep me busy for 48 hours. If I finish all that with time to spare, I’ll think of some small embellishments, but I think it should be at least a bit of fun just like that.

Plugging Ludum Dare on my blog

Posted by
Thursday, April 16th, 2009 6:13 am

Today’s post for my Art & Games blog is about Ludum Dare, and the more general phenomenon of what I refer to as “tachygenesis,” events that encourage people to create something in a ridiculously short span of time. As well as plugging Ludum Dare and a few other tachygenesis events, I explain why I think it’s important for creative people to participate in these competitions.

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