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Redbone says ...

Could have done more work. It's a neat concept.

agj says ...

Love the idea, though it seems too easy to get trapped...

rogual says ...

Good concept, good interpretation of the theme, but kinda annoying to play. The wall moves very slowly and it feels like you're tethered to it with some kind of elastic, because it actually pulls you backwards.

Also, the explanation at the start says X is to punch, but neglects to mention that X is also to pick up the rope, or indeed that you need to do that at all. Some more work on those instructions wouldn't go amiss.

A bit more work and this could turn into a nice game.

Radix says ...

The idea is good, and the puzzles look fun at first, but the tether thing makes it quite tedious. Since the player can drop the rope when they don't want the wall to move it's not really necessary to have it so tough to pull.

Tenoch says ...

Loved the way the lil guy's legs run. tagadatagada...

lucasshrew says ...

Like it, the most interesting concept it that you need to pull the "wall of doom".

SethR says ...

That was one crazy looking wall.

Endurion says ...

I really dig the idea of the Wall of Doom on a leash (TM). It could move a tad faster though.

0rel says ...

nice ideas. i didn't came too far, but it seems to have potential... first i didn't get that you loose energy by picking the rope. ok, that should be obvious, but it wasn't on first play... then i played around with the blue boxes, but couldn't figure out how to use them (to refill my energy?)... so had to give up there. - if there's a way to use them somehow, it would be a good idea to describe it shortly on the titlescreen...
nice graphics though, and interesting gamplay elements... but it would need a bit more refinement. would be worth it, i guess.

YourNakedUncle says ...

Great idea, love the little leg runs, nice minimal effects. Same complaint as others, the tether feel makes it tedious.

Wiering says ...

This game needs power ups, it's frustrating that you have to let go to jump high enough but can't get any further without losing health.

Entar says ...

Interesting concept, fun idea and oddly good graphics :) It was a little slow having to lug the side of the screen along, but at the same time it's a unique idea - that particular bit could use some polish.

Morre says ...

Very innovative, I love the idea!

The wall of doom is adorable! And I really like the character animations for the player character as well.

The gameplay doesn't quite do it for me. It needs to be a bit more fast-paced, I think.

Great work! :)

HybridMind says ...

Game had some interesting ideas as others have noted. Would have liked to have a health bar as I had no idea how hurt my character was. Collision detection and physics could definitely use some tuning for fun.

Really like the colors of the wall,the rope, the enemies, and the hilarious way the main character walked.

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