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mjau says ...

There doesn't seem to be any download links on either of the download pages. I've clicked everything, and got nothing but ads. Try a different host?

Endurion says ...

Won't work on my FX 5500. Bails out after clicking "New Game":

Loading chipmunk for Windows (32bit) [C:Documents and SettingsGeorg!DesktopL
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "cocosframegrabber.pyc", line 63, in TextureGrabber
File "cocosframegrabber.pyc", line 127, in __init__
File "cocosgl_framebuffer_object.pyc", line 52, in __init__
File "pygletgllib_wgl.pyc", line 94, in __call__
File "pygletgllib.pyc", line 63, in MissingFunction
MissingFunctionException: glGenFramebuffersEXT is not exported by the available
OpenGL driver. EXT_framebuffer_object is required for this functionality.
Exception AttributeError: "'FramebufferObject' object has no attribute '_id'" in
<bound method FramebufferObject.__del__ of <cocos.gl_framebuffer_object.Framebu
fferObject object at 0x02A23FB0>> ignored
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "run_game.py", line 5, in <module>
File "gamelibmain.pyc", line 342, in main
File "cocosdirector.pyc", line 287, in run
File "pygletappwin32.pyc", line 63, in run
File "pygletappwin32.pyc", line 84, in _timer_func
File "pygletapp__init__.pyc", line 187, in idle
File "pygletclock.pyc", line 696, in tick
File "pygletclock.pyc", line 295, in tick
File "cocoscocosnode.pyc", line 688, in _step
File "cocosactionsbase_actions.pyc", line 101, in step
File "cocosactionsbase_actions.pyc", line 348, in update
File "cocosactionsbase_actions.pyc", line 348, in update
File "cocosactionsinterval_actions.pyc", line 326, in update
File "cocosactionsbase_actions.pyc", line 348, in update
File "cocosactionsbase_actions.pyc", line 346, in update
File "cocosactionsbasegrid_actions.pyc", line 123, in start
File "cocosgrid.pyc", line 80, in init
File "cocosframegrabber.pyc", line 68, in TextureGrabber
Exception: ERROR: GPU doesn't support Frame Buffers Objects. Can't continue

ondrew says ...

Crashed my computer on exit.

I loved the physics. When the wall first fell on the barrier I thought "That's it?". But when he started banging the game got really interesting.

lucasshrew says ...

Like it!

noonat says ...

Hilarious idea. Also: cats. ='.'=

LunarCrisis says ...

I spent way longer playing this than I want to admit. . . couldn't get past 14.5 seconds though =)

What's interesting is that there are different strategies for playing, with the positioning and size of the blocks. The game's lifespan is increased because the player can try different building techniques. I feel like the next step for this would be to add a bit more complexity to the building, to allow for more choice and to keep the player's attention for a bit longer.

muku says ...

Lovely concept! I think that entire devil sprite seems a bit too mspaint-ish, though I do like the charm of the cat sprites. Reached 11-something seconds I think.

agj says ...

I... I've been insulted by a computer game. D: Was fun!

Deepflame says ...

Interesting game, way too hard for me though. :)

5parrowhawk says ...

15.5 seconds, using a double column strategy.

I like this, mostly. The gameplay is solid and quite unconventional.

Hamumu says ...

The devil is after my kitties! This is very original and interesting use of physics. There's no real way to guess how much juice a given troll will take, a display would help there. It also seems like I always live the same number of stomps... I imagine there's a good strategy, but I don't know. There's not enough juice to make a pyramid of any kind, so it's just vertical stacks.

I never got a positive review at the end, what am I lacking!? This is hard. It could be more interesting with power growing faster, so you are more constantly trying to throw out new trolls.

badlydrawnrod says ...

If I played every entry for as long as I've played this one then I'd never get anything else done. I can't seem to beat 15.5s. This game has excellent replayability. Crazy idea with a diabolical theme, but it works!

Archive for the ‘LD #14 – Advancing Wall of Doom – 2009’ Category

Final: Cat Protector!

Posted by
Sunday, April 19th, 2009 4:48 pm

Wow, cool stuff! Protect the cats from the wall of doom in this cool game!

(Written in python with help from cocos2d, pyglet and pymunk)

update: I fixed a better place to put the files on, and renamed the downloads to better match the naming scheme.

Download: viblo_LD14_CatProtector.zip (python code/source)

(Windows binary: viblo_LD14_CatProtector_win32.zip)

Screenshot from Cat Protector

[cache: storing page]