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FourEyes says ...

Pretty good game. The twist with the walls was really fun, but as I have never been any good at the mine games, the added preassure from the walls didnt make it easier to make good decisions.

ChadyG says ...

Very nice twist on an old game. I'm a little confused as to what happens when the walls close in and what the winning criteria is, but then again I haven't won yet!

Arowx says ...

Nice one Tommo, a fun take on Mine!

Covenant says ...

Nice twist on an old theme... I'm with FourEyes, though... :)

lucasshrew says ...

I like the explosions and SFX...But i always suck playing mines...

ondrew says ...

Really fun to play, but I couldn't finish although I consider myself really good and really fast at minesweeper.

I didn't really understood why to limit the number of markers you're allowed to put down.

sinoth says ...

I'm pretty decent at minesweeper and this doesn't make a ton of sense to me. I see where you're trying to go with the idea but why aren't there enough markers for the mines? I don't see how you can win. The idea seems like it could be fun, though.

Endurion says ...

Dang. Part what makes Minesweeper somewhat interesting for me is that you can concentrate and think. When the walls move in they basically reshuffle the field which messes my plans up :)

Well polished!

Entar says ...

An interesting idea, but I'm not quite sure how to win, because there don't seem to be enough markers available.

LunarCrisis says ...

I had a lot of fun with this! It took me a while to figure out what I had to do, even with your explanation below, but once I did it was great =).

There are a couple of technical things, though, sometimes the entire board seems to move to one side, which is disorienting but also makes all the marks offset by one.

noonat says ...

Interesting idea, but it didn't seem to play well for me. I have never been terribly quick at minesweeper, but I could figure it out given enough time, and adding the time pressure to it just ruined it for me. :( Kudos on the polished end product, though!

agj says ...

I am with the rest who doesn't understand the reason for making the markers limited. How can I win, then?

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Posted by
Monday, April 20th, 2009 6:02 pm


Yet another mutant  mine game.

There’s nothing different from a normal one, except the boundaries keep getting shrinked during playing, and you can detonate the mine.

(I’d love to tweak it some more,  but I really have to get a sleep…)

Engine: BlitzMax (http://www.blitzbasic.com)

Tools: Photoshop,   DrPetter’s sfxr


Windows binary: http://www.indie-g.com/extremine.zip

Source & Resource: http://www.indie-g.com/extreminesrc.zip

Sorry for not giving explaination.

The gameplay is actually quite different from old minegame. In fact, you don’t have to find out all mines.
What you do in this game is:

1.  left Click to open tile. If it’s a mine, it explodes and hurt your HP.

2.  right Click to MARK/UnMark known mines. You can also Drag with Right Mouse Button to mark tiles continously.
Marker number is limited. When you mark some tile, your marker number decreases. When you unmark, it will recover.

3.  leftClick/midClick on the tile around which there are right number of marks.    This action will open all the 8 tiles around.  At this point:
* The right marked mine will explode without hurting you.
* The wrong marked mine will explode and hurt you.
*If there is no wrong mark, your marker number will get recovered plus some bonus.

4.  When all mines get cleared or marked, you win.

5.  When there’s no empty tile remaining, you lose.

6.  When HP is 0, you lose.  (For 5 times wrong explosion)

7. Mines which is in shrinked tile will try to move inside. But if it’s marked it will explode (marker will not recover).

Good luck, Good morning, and Good night to everyone.
Happy LDing.

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