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ChadyG says ...

Can I win or does this go on forever?

georgek says ...

I liked the overall interface and the visuals, but I feel this needed more oomph -- either with sound (don't know if this has been added, I played the version in the first torrent) or maybe with a stepping scroll (like tetris) rather than a smooth scroll that would speed up.

Endurion says ...

Please provide a Windows executable ;)

nilsf says ...

It was terribly slow and unresponsive, I had to force quit it as it didn't want to shut down. I couldn't make sense of how to play the game clicking sometimes made blocks disappear and even when the blocks filled the whole screen it went on so there didn't appear to be a lose condition.

mjau says ...

What, no directory in your tarball? Bad telaviv! Baaad! (Okay, so it was only like 3 files, but still. Bad!)

Anyway, yes, the game. I played for a bit, and then thought I was getting screwed by the random level generator until I realized I could move boxes around freely, not just click and drag already existing groups of 3 or more like I'd done til then. That just made it even easier than before though =). So I kept playing for a little while, then decided to lose on purpose just to see what would happen. Nothing, as it turns out.

So yeah, seems a tad unfinished. Still, interesting idea! I don't think it's got much to do with the theme though.

lucasshrew says ...

It is not a bad idea, but it is far from something playable. At least you should add an ending state...i like the smooth scrolling.

muku says ...

It's a beautiful concept, but it doesn't really materialize in what you have so far. If the water wasn't only imaginary, and you could actually see it flowing from left to right in the channels you create for it, and there was a lose and perhaps a win condition, this could be a very soothing game.

greencow says ...

there were imaginary fish in my imaginary water and the swam up the imaginary stream i dug and laid imaginary eggs.

SethR says ...

I see where you're going with this, but it really needs more work done to see how it's gonna feel...

Deepflame says ...

No windows executable.

noonat says ...

I thought it was an excellent play on the theme, and the gameplay is relaxing... just needs more work! The gameplay just isn't quite finished enough in this version.

HybridMind says ...

Weird game. Even after reading your instructions on how to play it seemed a little hard to understand. It seems I am often finding no way not to leave orphaned blocks behind because you can only shift blocks where blocks already exist and sometimes it clears out patterns I don't want it to clear out as I had other intentions for where I was dragging the block. I enjoy the smooth scroll of the pieces. This game needs finishing as right now it feels fairly incomplete. Interesting idea but I wish less was imaginary.

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Ludum Dare #14

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Sunday, April 19th, 2009 6:57 pm

Pretty simple game. There is imaginary water on the left side of the screen. Your job is to create a path to the other side of the moving dam. Break the dam by moving three of the same colored blocks together.

Edit: my game :)


Edit 2: ok zip file didn’t work. Try this one:


This is a check to make sure this is working

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Sunday, April 19th, 2009 6:32 pm


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